Hello There, Princess!

I apologize. I have been away from Banana Pudding too long. How ever did you all continue with your lives everyday? Well I hope you all got on okay without me. ;) I have been super busy, of course, with school and work. Oh how I wish I could just blog all day. With no other responsibilities but to craft, cook, and blog about it, always. But, in reality, I am on here venting about life even though I should be typing up my Ethics paper.

Anyhoo, happy super bowl sunday! I hope you all enjoy today as much as I will! My poor Peyton isn't playing, but it is still pretty awesome to have the game in the Colt's stadium. So, enjoy the game and all the yummy food I know we will all be indulging on...

And, lastly, I am gonna toot my own horn a little! I have kept up with my 2012 Get Awesome Plan. I have done a morning workout every day for over a month now. I have at least done crunches every morning, I am up to over 100 of them, but most days stick to my 30 minute work outs. I also have kept up with a better weekly schedule and stayed organized. I am so proud of myself! I feel so much better. I have been getting my tan back as well, feeling like my old perky self again! So, Princess Heather is back!
Watch out world, I will be taking you by storm in my pink heels and polka dots! :)

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