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Hey ya'll! I woke up a little earlier than usual this morning for work, so I thought I would use that time wisely...to ya know, blog! I hope everyone is having a good week. I know mine has been a super duper busy one. It is nice for us to take some time to really breathe and relax though, even if we think we can't fit it in. I actually allowed myself to relax and watch some television last night, and I am blogging this morning! I hate feeling so stressed, but soon enough this semester too will end and I will be that much closer to graduating, and it will be summer! I hope too that all of you are keeping up with your resolutions. Please take any of my ideas that I have posted and put them to good use, you can find them all on my pinboard here!

I wanted to take this time to share with you my Valentine's ideas for Ethan this year. He loves comic books, especially recently now that they have revamped all of them. He has started from number one and being the collector he is, he is loving it! He started out with Batman, and some others that I really have no idea about. (I am just learning all this comic book stuff). So, I bought him numbers 1-5 of both Aquaman and Justice League comics, which he has been wanting for like ever.

My big surprise plan got a little screwed up because I waited too long, of course. I planned to get him this huge Batman cardboard life-size figure at our local Disney outlet, but when I went they were all sold out! But I still made up for it with Lego Batman (shown below), candy, and the Batman video games.

Do you see a theme? Well to better portray the theme I made him a custom valentine. I wanted to share this most of all so if you have any comic book lovers in your life you can print this and use it for yourself!

Using picnik and other programs I made this awesome valentine, yes it is a little corny, but I just love it!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, and a Happy Valentine's Day...just in case we don't get a chance to chat again soon! :)

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