{A Dash of Love} Ooey Gooey Caramel Cake

Hey Bloggarinos!

It has been a tad bit too long. I apologize and plan to keep up with Banana Pudding more, well, as much as I can. I should have some ultimate crafting and blogging time over Spring Break...well I should! Today I wanted to share with you an unbelievable recipe. I am always looking for new recipes and this one stood out. It is super easy and worth every single second of your time.

Now don't be swayed by my title, this is no ordinary breakfast. I'd like to think this would be served as Breakfast in Heaven though...with no worries of weight gain or teeth rotting. 

So the title to me is fitting. I found that most people consider this (and many other different recipes) the "Better Than Sex Cake." But, I actually know of a recipe with that title that is much different from this recipe and so I gave this one a new name. 

This ooey gooey dessert will knock your socks off!! Everyone will love it, and YOU for making it. It is sweet but not too sweet, and a nice change to the traditional cakes with heavy frosting. The cake is actually quite versatile too, but I'll quit rambling and get on with the recipe...you will want to go grab the ingredients...NOW! 

-German Chocolate cake mix 
-1 can sweetened condensed milk
-1 jar Hershey's Caramel Topping
-1 container of Cool Whip


Bake cake according to box, in whatever pan you like (I made two round ones)
Once cake is done, immediately poke holes all through the cake with a fork
Pour over condensed milk, and then the caramel 
(use the whole can and jar for a 13X9 cake pan, or half each for 2 round ones)
Let the cake completely cool, while it soaks in that yummy goodness
Once cake is cooled top with the cool whip
Enjoy! (store in the fridge)

This cake is AMAZING just the way it is, but you can mix it up in so many different ways:
-You could use any type of cake mix to change up the flavors, spice cake would be fun!
-With a yellow cake you could use strawberry topping instead of caramel, yum!
-Make it the way above and add a candy bar of your choice crumbled on top...Butterfingers would rock!
-Top with many other different things such as fruit, coconut, nuts, etc. 
-Maybe pour over some of your favorite rum, or any other liquor, instead of the condensed milk for a very adult version! 

I hope you make this as soon as you can, your life will be changed forever, and your belly will thank you! I plan to make this for myself for my Birthday! What a perfect grown up cake :)

I will be back soon, until then I wish you all a wonderful week! 

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