Goodbye Raccoon Eyes

Happy Sunday, kiddos! I have a great little DIY for you ladies to try. I hate hate hate buying makeup remover. It is so expensive and runs out too quickly for me, especially the wipes! And when I don't have makeup remover I just use soap and water, which burns and smudges more than cleans.

So, when I came across this on Pinterest I knew I must give it a try, it would be worth it. This is a simple and cheap recipe that actually works to take all that eye makeup off! And you must clean your makeup off, you want a fresh clean face before bed (and a fresh pillow case) to prevent those nasty blemishes. Most people think that cleaning your face is enough, but if you don't change that pillow case regularly you are just putting all that dirt and oil that has built up on your pillow from your hair (and that one time you didn't wash your face) back onto your clean face!

If you are like me and want a clean face for cheap follow these steps:

-1 cup water
-1 1/2 tbsp baby shampoo
-1/8 tsp of oil (can be baby, coconut, olive, etc)

Mix ingredients all together and pour into bottles. This made about 3 travel shampoo bottles for me.

It works very well, as you can tell below! It will take you no time at all and very little money to have raccoon-free eyes, so whip this up asap. If you would like the original post that I found on pinterest, it is here!

Have a wonderful day!

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