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My name is Heather, but I prefer to go by Princess Heather. I have thought about permanently changing it, but mostly just use it on the internet. I see myself as Princess Heather but not so much that I must sign everything with that name, although it would be pretty awesome to type up a research paper with that gorgeously placed at  the top in some pretty cursive font. Most probably think it is a childish way to portray yourself. And up until about a year ago my room was always pink and filled with cupcakes and crowns...even though I have lived with my boyfriend for over 4 years now. But I like to hold on to that part of me. I have since then boxed up all of the glittery goodies and have "grown up" my wardrobe and decor, but I still feel like a Princess. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to. It makes me smile! I am usually smiling, when I am not I try to remember I am a pretty princess with the perfect handsome prince!

About that handsome prince, his name is Ethan and we have been together over 5 years now. It will be 6 long years come March 27th! He is my bestest friend and the love of my life. We have the perfect relationship that most wouldn't care for. We are die hard fans of the MT Blue Raiders, The Titans- him, The Colts- me. We are already an old married couple, so don't let the "boyfriend" thing trip you up. We enjoy just simple things in life. We don't care too much for partying or clubbing and I really don't care too much for the college kids that enjoy those things. We like watching movies and tv, we watch so many...but I love it! We love to sporting events, shopping, traveling, and such. We love love love concerts! We have gotten to go to so many festivals and special concerts that we will cherish forever. We are both a little OCD about tidiness and organization. I like to clean, he likes to fix things. I like to cook, he likes to eat. It is a match made in heaven I tell you! He will forever be my red-headed prince. We plan to get married after college and children are still in the maybe category. But we don't see a reason to rush either because we like our cozy little love nest as it is. We have the bestest friends anyone could ask for, our couple soulmates- Kacy and Travis! We couldn't ask for better lives because of the wonderful people in our lives. We love our friends and amazing families so much!

I like to use this blog as a place to de-stress from school and life. It is so nice to have a moment to forget about those types of things. I just love to craft and share them with someone, so this is a nice place to do that. Even if no one ever visited my blog I would be excited just to see my craft somewhere! I also love cooking, way too much! I could spend hours in the kitchen playing around and making a mess, and then cleaning up after it. It is such a good thing that I love to clean!

So you now know a little bit more about who I am, the spastic procrastinating bubbly me! I hope to have time some day to do all the projects I want and try all the recipes I crave. Until then I will try to fit them into this crazy college life of procrastinating and studying. And I will of course post about any adventures along the way.

I hope you visit this blog and come away with something. Whether it be a new project, a new recipe, a new perspective, or just a nice little break from life. It is probably the nicest thing we can do for each other. Everyone needs a little break from reality every once in a while. It is nice to not stress about money, school, work, or what have you for just a little bit.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
Happy blogging, pinning, cooking, crafting, etc... :)

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