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I love to host parties. I enjoy making cute little decorations and yummy food and serving it up to kind folks! I recently went with a friend to a Beauticontrol Spa Party, and I loved it so much that I had to sign up to host one at my house. There was also this awesome free neck wrap in the works if you did sign up, and it is the kind that you heat up, so that could be the real reason I did it.

I invited a good amount of people, but only a few were able to make it...it still worked out fabulously! I did the makeover party instead of the spa party.  The theme was GNO, in the summertime, of course. I put Breakfast at Tiffany's on the tv while we played with all the makeup and goodies! I think hosting parties like this, or any other kinds-like tupperware, which is probably my next one, is such a great idea. If you are the host you get so many great deals and free stuff. And, it is a perfect way to get all the girls together and take a break from the world.

I will be hosting more parties in the future for sure. I have always wanted to throw a sewing or cooking party, so I just might have to do that sometime soon! The only bad part about me hosting, is that I am a control freak. So if something doesn't go how I planned, I will have a mini freak out. But, I will get over it pretty quickly and host the heck out of the party.

So below is just a little peek at the foods and such that I served, also some recipes:

 On the menu: Cupcakes with buttercream/chocolate buttercream frosting, a strawberry-pear sangria, sweet tea, cheddar-bacon dip, cucumber sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, and my favorite: tatm sandwiches.

Yummy Cheddar-Bacon Dip:

1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
16oz sour cream
1 pkg ranch dressing mix
bacon bits:the real bacon-like kind

Mix all together and store in fridge overnight!
Serve with chips or crackers.

Cucumber Sandwiches:

thinly sliced cucumbers
green onion and chive cream cheese

Spread cream cheese on some bread,
top with cucumbers. The perfect summer sandwich

TATM Sandwiches:

shredded deli honey turkey
alfalfa sprouts
sliced tomato
mayo, not miracle whip!

Spread on mayo, top with other ingredients!
This is my favorite sandwich that I eat always,
the important part is mayo! :)

Strawberry-Pear Sangria:

2 BIG bottles of Arbor Mist Pinot Grigio wine, pear flavored
about half of a big bottle of Pucker's Strawberry Schnapps
2 cups of Dole Banana-Orange-Pineapple juice
1/2 cup sugar syrup (equal parts sugar and water boiled)
sliced strawberries, lemons, and limes

Mix with ice and serve chilled.
This can be changed up in many different ways to your liking!

I hope you try out some of these recipes, they were all winners! :)

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