New Coffee Table: A Craigslist Journey

Hello, Cupcakes!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I had a busy week and weekend, so I am spending this Sunday playing catch-up! I recently got a new coffee table, well on Friday, and I just had to share with you, the story.

I have always been a deal finder. I love saving money on quality items. I love love love thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales, you can find such great stuff at them. We don't have a great selection of thrift stores/flea markets around here...that I know of...and it is too cold to have a yard sale. So, when we finally decided we couldn't take it anymore and had to buy a coffee table, I started searching around for a steal. I looked in all stores that carried furniture, and online, and found nothing. I am pretty picky but I was willing to settle for a quality coffee table that I could later paint/stain to my liking if I wanted to.

We just needed one. We have such a big living room, and we had no where to put our feet up to ya know, truly relaxxx. So I thought I would look on Craigslist and give that a try. Although I have always been uneasy about dealing with people on there, maybe I would find a used one that has character but was sturdy...and hopefully not get murdered. I love to redo furniture, so I could fix just about anything up and make it pretty. While searching through many a pages on there I saw overpriced pieces of "you know what," beyond fixable-ugly-outdated furniture, and even someone trying to sell their body.

Somewhere amidst all that rubbish, I found a true gem. The post had pictures of beautiful farmhouse-style coffee tables and an in depth description, for once. It said something along the lines that he would custom make you a quality piece of furniture for a very reasonable price.
(the original post is here!)

This perked my interest of course! I emailed him immediately and we started on this awesome  2 week Craigslist journey. We talked over measurements and ideas and in the end I got a true piece of art. I would pay much more than I did for this coffee table. It is sturdy and lovely. I am mostly doing this post to get the word out about his work, people need to know that there are still true craftsmen out there that will take your ideas seriously and give you a quality piece of furniture.

The end result was fabulous and I have the pictures to prove it below:

I love it. I wanted rectangle, distressed, and unique, and that is just what I got. I am so excited to have it and hope that if you are in the area, you check out his work! Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. It is a lovely table. I wish we could have one in our living room as it is also to big not to have a coffee table. However, we have two huge German Shepherd dogs who would love to play chase around something like that. Congrats on the cool find!