Recycled Winter Wreath

Hey guys!

I thought I would pop in with a little craft I did this morning. I miss crafting. I did not do too well last semester in my classes, could be because they were horribly hard, but I was also busy with everything else, including crafting. I don't plan to stop crafting, that would be insanity, I just cannot craft unless I have an absolute free moment. Which will probably rarely happen, lol. It would have to be a moment where I was somehow caught up on all the school work needed, with nothing left to do. (uhm, yea...)

So, I wanted to fit one in early on before the school semester craziness started! I recycled my fall wreath and turned it into my winter wreath! I plan to do this for all the seasons, since burlap is pretty versatile. I planned to make a unique whole wreath for every month, but this way is more practical!

I took this wreath:

And I detached its floral stems, ribbon, and bow.
(I kept it all together so it can be easily reattached for fall!)

I then whipped up some fabric flowers and pinned them, along with the lace, to the burlap foam wreath:

Now it is my pretty Winter Wreath!

It was so easy and is so stinkin' adorable. I have big ideas for the spring version--TULIPS?!
Anyone can do this, just recycle one of your old wreaths with fabric scraps. Another great idea is to spray paint wooden wreaths, if you bought one of those, they instantly look updated and chic! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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