2012 Get Awesomely Healthy: Progress

Good Morning!

It has been 10 days of working out for me so far this year. I am so loving it! I think if you are wanting to try and get in shape, lose a little weight, or just feel better about yourself...you need to take it slow and be practical. It is not very realistic for me to go to the gym. I would probably have faster results if I did, but I would more than likely talk myself out of driving across town. And as I said in my previous post about this topic, I am not looking to a goal weight, I am just wanting to feel better. I don't even own a scale, I feel having one in the house just lowers self esteem and can be counter-productive when working out.

So, every morning as soon as I wake up I eat breakfast and then do about 30 minutes of physical activity, then shower of course. This works perfect for me because I am a morning person and it is done and out of the way first thing! I also think this method will help me stick with it. I can always find 15-30 minutes every morning to do this. I make sure to work out a different part of my body each day. I do the normal stretch and cardio, but then focus on a body part each day, such as abs or butt. I think this has worked to keep me going as well, because I don't get bored.

And I think it is actually working! I am one of those people who gets excited and thinks she sees big results after her first work out. I know I said I don't have a body goal, but of course tighter body areas would be a nice perk! I truly, no lie, can see a difference already. I do crunches everyday, because of course a flatter tummy is always a plus, and my belly is much flatter! I have gotten up to about 50 crunches, 25 regular and 25 criss-cross. I truly feel better and have more energy every day.

I am so proud and plan to keep this up! I use my own routine, which can be found here, and also some workout videos. You can find all sorts of workout videos online, or get them off On Demand like I do!

I hope you all are keeping up with your resolutions, too!
Good Luck!
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