2012 Get Awesome Plan: Get Healthy

I think everyone's new year's resolution always has something to do with getting healthier. Which is a good thing! The only downside is that many people throw out those resolutions in less than a month. I always try to be healthy, but not as much as I should. I have taken being young with a high metabolism for granted in the past, but I am not going to do that any longer.
I don't really have problem with my weight. And I have gained weight since coming to college, but nothing unhealthy or outrageous. So losing weight is not the exact goal for me, if my number goes down on the scale then that is just a bonus!
I have my problem areas, just like any girl, and they are starting to show up a little more than usual. I realized it a year or so ago, I think. That moment when you realize the low-rise jeans are not fitting your body properly anymore. I was thankfully not one of those people who don't notice that and still try to pull them off even though it is time to move on. I now proudly wear my jeans at my waist and don't miss those muffin top pants at all!

And if you're reading this thinking you will never wear "mom jeans", then you are sadly mistaken!
(which, if you are like me, I used to consider all pants that were not low rise and flare a "mom jean").
There will come a day when you will have curves you appreciate, but want concealed under your jeans rather than spilling over them.

So what is my health goal of 2012? I want to feel better! I strongly believe in the power of exercising and eating right. When I eat lighter, I feel lighter; when I work out, I feel refreshed; and when I do them together, I feel amazing.

So my goal is just that, to make better choices everyday to feel better, which will then spill over into looking better and making me the best me, every single day! I also want to proudly wear a bikini again, I can wear one now but I feel a little more self conscious than usual, so I want to sport a bikini this summer without trying to hide my belly with my beach towel. And I want to purchase the adorable one below once I feel good about that midsection again :

I have some ideas about how to do this and they are all just really common sense- eat healthier and incorporate a daily/weekly excerise plan. I eat pretty healthy slready because I love healthy foods, but I do need to stop the "bored eating" and use better portion control. I LOVE food. I am sure many of you have already noticed that. I mean I got all cookware for Christmas, and was more excited than anything!
I don't see anything wrong with eating, it is a wonderful perk of living. We need food to live, but there are so many delicious ways to live... and I just take advantage of that! It makes me so sad to think of the poor girls that starve themselves to be skinny. I would much rather enjoy my life, taste all the goodies in the world, and be fat!

But I can have the best of both worlds, anyone can, we just need to make the right choices and work at it. I think if you just take the first step and use better portion control when you eat, you will see a tremendous difference. We are Americans and we indulge, a lot, especially in our food. So I plan to just make those smarter choices, and stop that horrible habit---bored eating. I know I can't be the only one that does it. When I am bored, my mind wanders, and the first thing I do is start to think of what I could whip up in the kitchen. Sometimes I go whip that up immediately, and am greatly satisfied, but most of the time I just snack on some junk. I am then immediately wishing I hadn't done that.

Stopping the bored eating and eating healthier is just one side of this plan. I also plan to add in some physical activity. I am the worst at keeping up with this part. I cannot seem to be motivated enough to stick to it. I think it is because I get overwhelmed with life's stress and tell myself that exercising is not important enough to keep up. But this is crap. If I would just keep up some weekly physical activity I would most definitely see that it helps and is worth it! If you do just a little bit of physical activity weekly, you feel much better, and then can think more clearly and be more productive in other areas of your life.

So I have derived a daily exercise plan, or to do at least 3 times a week. I took some of my usual work out moves and added them with some taken from my Pinterest Board.
I love love love yoga! So there is a little bit of yoga in this plan and some cardio. This is just a starting point, I hope to eventually be running miles on the treadmill and maybe building up some muscle. I actually woke up this morning and tried this plan out, and I feel better already!

I started out and ended with yoga, I like the cool down that yoga gives after a workout.
It is important to use yoga breathing during the process- which is just taking a constant deep breath and letting it out.
It is about 30 minutes long, depending on what you do. 
You can take it and mold it to your liking:

1)Yoga Sequence:
                              Mountain pose (which is number 1 in the pic below)
                                             Tree pose (which is number 11)
                                             Plank pose (which is like doing a push-up without going down to floor)
                                             Downward dog pose (done from plank pose, pic below)
                                             Cobra pose (number 16)
                                             Warrior pose (can do any variation seen in pic below)

2) Cardio & Strength:
                                             Jumping jacks (starting with 30 a day)
                                             Jog in place (starting with 2 minutes)
                                             Lunges (starting with 3 per leg)
                                             Squats (I squat and touch floor then reach up, starting with 5)
                                             Leg lifts (laying down on side, lift leg, 3 per leg)
                                             Crunches (started with 15)
3) Cool Down:
                                             Stretch (do whatever you like, I do my old cheerleading stretches)
                                             Child's pose (number 21, hold for as long as you like)
                                             Meditate(I sit on two pillows, legs criss-crossed, back straight, palms up)

This is just what I did today, I am sure I will change it up every time I do it. I just like a plan to have in mind going in, or I spend the whole time trying to think of moves. I also plan to try and use some things I found on pinterest to help get me in better shape! You can find all my 2012 Get Awesome Plan inspirations here! I found plans like the one below and I think they are really great and easy to do. There are 4 of them at all different levels and I plan to incorporate them with my yoga and hopefully get to a point where I work out regularly and feel great!    
I really hope you join me and try to get healthier too. You can find your own ideas, or use some of mine to make it easier on you. If we add this physical plan with our organizational plan from the previous post, we will be unstoppable! Remember to Breathe! I wish you the best luck!                                        

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