Winter Wonderland

Good morning blogworld! On my way to work today the weather was so icky, a cold..freezing.. mist! In west TN, where I am from, they even have snow this morning. I am not a fan of this weather, but I am enjoying this time of the year otherwise. This weather also allows me to enjoy multiple cups of hot coffee...which I rather enjoy! :)

It is getting closer to Christmas, and I apologize for my lack of posts. I planned to keep up weeky with a new craft, but it is the end of the semester and it has been so busy! Finals, papers, and lack of sleep are apart of my life for just one more week...thank goodness it is almost over. I have been working on lots of gifts to give to friends and family, but I can't share those because then they would not be surprised...
So I will post those ideas soon after the holiday is over! I don't want to think about that just yet because I am enjoying this Christmas feeling. Christmas trees and lights everywhere you look, baking sweets and making comfort foods in my kitchen, the smell of cinnamon and pine, I just love it!

So please forgive me for not entertaining you more, but I am sure I will craft or bake something this weekend! I hope you all enjoy this special holiday. And for those with end-of-the-semester-craziness, good luck! :)
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