Christmas Cottage

Yes, I am referring to my house -apt- as the Christmas Cottage until New Year's! I have had the best time making us decorations to fill this sweet cottage of ours. I have finally, well kind of, made everything I had on my Christmas to-do list. I have a few ideas that I cannot find the supplies to, but I feel content with all that I have made. And, the place feels Christmasy enough for me :) So, below are pictures of some of the decor that I have been meaning to post.

The table is set for tomorrow's big day- 2nd Annual Friendsmas! We are having our good friends over for a huge meal prepared by my best friend and I. We split up the menu and tackle it all day long! It is something I have always dreamed of doing. All my life I have gone to others' Thanksgivings and Christmases, but I have always wanted to be the hostess. I feel I am a very good hostess, toot toot, and I really enjoy it! I am a planner, and control freak, so hosting works perfect for me. I also love to cook, so win-win! So tomorrow will be full of good food, yummy cookies, sips of wine, girl talk, laughter, friends, and the very special gift of sharing a tradition together. More on that afterwards, I plan to blog about the good food, of course, and hopefully have some new recipes to share--fingers crossed they all work out! 

 placemats- dollar tree, ornament- dollar tree, plates- target, goblet- antique

 The finished bookcase!
 The finished tree!

Here are some of our favorite ornaments!
 E's favorite--BATMAN!
 Titans!--we need a Colts too...
 Myrtle the Peacock

Patio door got some sprucing...
Snowman pillow from Kirkland's 

End table decor

Hanging ornament over the sink!
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