DIY: Guest Room Curtains

It has been forever since I have done a DIY project. I shouldn't have done one today because I have too much to do that is way more important, but this only took about 40 minutes. And I was so tired of staring at a computer screen. I have been so overwhelmed this semester with school work. Maybe it is because I work 20-30 hours on top of it, all I know is I cannot wait until it is over. I am so off my game. I usually have everything organized, the apartment clean always, on top of school work, and I usually geniunely LOVE school. This semester I have been the exact opposite of myself.  I have been so unorganized, my todo lists never get finished, the apartment is not cleaned daily like I like to, and I am procrastinating worse than ever. I am a total procrastinator but I pull it off with an A usually, this semester not so much. So I took some me time today and made the curtains for the guest room, finally. This project has been sitting in my closet for months. The guest room is almost complete now and I love the way the curtains came out! I just need to buy and hang pictures, but that is the same story for the whole apartment. I get cold feet when I go to buy wall art, I know exactly what I want I just can't find it. So I plan to make it, if I ever have time that is. Maybe over the summer break...

Here is the finished product, well minus the tie backs I plan to make out of lace trim scraps!

This project was so simple!
I used a flat sheet and some vintage lace curtains given to me by Ethan's sweet Grandma.
I cut the sheet down the middle, used hem tape to hem the cut sides, and hot glued ribbon to the back for "rod pockets."
You can find hem tape at any hobby store and it is so simple to use! You just fold the hem as you wish, place in the tape and iron until its nicely stuck together.
The ribbon idea I have seen everywhere and knew it would be the easiest way to do these. You just cut ribbon into strips and hot glue to the top-back of the "curtains," they are your very own rod holders! I didn't get a picture of this but believe me it is so simple!

As you can see the curtains now match my lovely pillow cases! I loved the print of these sheets, but eventhough I have washed them a thousand times, they are so unbelievably uncomfortable. But we didn't let them go to waste, now they are the decor!

So this little room is now almost complete, and you are welcome to stay for a visit! :)
I just need to add a desk chair, some wall art, and paint the tv stand and bookcase...which are not pictured.

It was so nice to destress by DIYing and blogging. But back to the reality of a busy week.
Until next time...
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