Operation: Christmas

      So Christmas has officially began in our house! I know, it is early, but I love the feel of Christmas and want it to last a little longer. So I have been giddy with crafty ideas for this special holiday! I realized just how few decorations I had once I got it all out. With a long idea list and my handy hot glue I plan to make our apartment feel like a cozy Christmas cottage!

I have already crafted a few things that I wanted to share with you, and while watching Payton today I plan to do some more....

First up, I made us a new topper for our tree! We had a sad little snowflake and I thought this gave it more flair. I got the adorable polka dotted wire ribbon at Hobby Lobby, on sale for $5. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to make bows, which I looked at after I made mine. I like to try it my own way first! I simply just made loops and attached them all together with floral wire. Here is a video tutorial I found just in case you need one! ;) here!

Second, I made this simple wreath for my dining room mirror. I made this super cheap, well it was actually free for me! I recycled this stand alone Christmas bundle with poinsettas and such that I have had for a while (I will update with a picture of it if I remember). So I essentially ripped out all the pine strips and twisted the ends together into a circle, glued on some berries stems that were also in the bunch, and added a bow! So simple, but so Christmas!

We also added some stockings to each side to complete the look

Lastly, I whipped up this cute little Christmas tree! I plan to make more of these, taller ones, as my table centerpiece. All you need is a candle stick from the dollar tree and some paper plates, also at the dollar tree. I will post a better tutorial when I make the others, but you just make a cone out of the plates and hot glue it to the candle stick. I wrapped this one in the leftover ribbon from the tree topper. I plan to decorate the others a little more with felt, tissue paper, buttons, etc. I just love it, it was so easy!

I hope you are having fun getting ready for the holidays, too!
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