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I told ya'll I would keep you updated with my Christmas crafts, so here is a few more! Two of them are not so Christmasy, but still neat projects. I have so many ideas and I wish I had the time to just do them all already! But, a couple of crafts here and there makes it all last a little longer, so that is the bright side.

I have a 12-15 page report due on Sunday, that I have barealy started on. Why? I am not really sure, probably because I am so over this semester, but also probably because I would rather be crafting! I am usually a pretty bad procrastinator, but this semester has made me be the worst student I have ever been. I don't mean to be misleading, because I actually enjoy school. I love it! This semester has just not been a good one. I have had 3 online courses, sorry if I have ranted about this already, and I hate online courses. I am just a sit in class-taking notes-listening to lectures-kind of girl! But, I digress...

Sweet Covered Candles      Cost me a total of $3.00!
Materials: burlap
                 lace trim
                 hot glue gun and glue sticks

I got 2 large jar candles at a great deal of $1.50/each at Kroger the other day. They were on sale because they were fall smells, and I had to jump on it! I love candles, especially fall smells.

 I figured they would be a nice addition to our everyday decor if I just spruced em up a bit.

So I just glued on some burlap and lace! I think they are just the cutest, and you could do this with all your candles, easily.


Here is another fun Christmas craft that anyone can do! And it was cheap! Total cost: $2.00

Felt Christmas Polka Dot Garland 
Materials: sheets of felt, in whatever colors you like
                 circle stencil (make your own by tracing something, I used a candlestick)
                 hot glue gun and glue sticks
                 yarn or string

              I doubled up sheets of each color and cut the felt into squares and then cut out circles

              I then dotted one circle with hot glue, added the yarn and then topped it with a
coordinating circle, finished product is shown below.

So simple, and so cute! I love it!
My bookcase is not even close to being done yet, but here is the full view of the garland:

This project was just as cheap and easy. It cost a total of $2.00 as well!

DIY Apothecary Jar
Materials: glass or vase
                 candle top or other glass top
                 hot glue and sticks

I just glued a Dollar Tree candlestick to a glass I found there. You can do so many things with these candle sticks!
I plan to paint this when it gets warm again, and want to make some cake stands!
I always have these candle tops and never know what to do with them. I totally lucked out because this one fit perfectly! It could also be your very own wine glass, how fun! :)

It found its place as the Q-tip holder in my bathroom, cant wait to paint it yellow to match the decor!

I apologize, I am horrible at tutorials. I always forget to take pictures of the before and the process. I did better this time, but I will try and do better in the next ones! ;) I hope you enjoyed these simple projects and be sure to keep checking back, because there is much more to come!

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