Christmas Wreath: Front Door

Good Evening!
I am so excited and proud of myself for finishing all my homework, including that horrible 14 page report. I even got ahead in all my classes so that I can enjoy my little break over Thanksgiving! So, I treated myself with a little crafting. I finally made my first Christmas wreath, since I have two doors another will be coming soon! It was so easy, and cost me a total of $3.00! You cannot beat that for a festive holiday wreath.

wreath base
hot glue
holly leaf and berry stem

I made the wreath base out of foam plumbing hose covers, I am sure you have seen this a thousand times on pinterest like I have! You can find these at any hardware store, I got mine from Lowe's for just $.99 and it was enough to make 2 good sized wreaths! You could also use a swim noodle, if you have one just lying around...

I cut the size I wanted and just taped the ends together with some shipping tape! 

I then cut squares of burlap and looped and pinned them to the wreath base, this tutorial is floating around pinterest as well. I just used my own system and hot glued some here and there.

I then added a cute holly ornament I bought a while back at this cute store we have on the square.

The finished product is so cute! I love this wreath! It is so perfect for the holidays :)

 Here it is in different lighting:

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Please let me know about any Christmas Crafts you're working on, I would love to hear about them!  
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