Christmas for Cheap

      So as you know I am on this mission to eventually become the cheesy old lady who over decorates for holidays, especially Christmas. Well everyday I get a little closer with my craftiness! I am so proud of myself for making so many cheap Christmas decorations and not going out to Pier 1 and buying everything in the store...because I really want to. I love making the decorations though and I guess in the long run these will be more special. But have you seen their table settings for the holidays?! LOVE!

Anyhoo... I have a couple more cheap little DIY crafts for this splendid holiday. I just spend a couple of hours in our guest/craft room and see where the hot glue gun takes me. Sometimes it takes me nowhere but a pile of fabric scraps and hot glue strings, but I eventually make something I like!

The first project was some easy wall art that we just love! :)

I took a leftover shirt box from last year and made these adorable trees. I wrapped the top and bottom of the box in burlap, using lots of hot glue I added felt trees and red stripes. I then added pretty silver buttons as the stars, and decorated the trees with red tissue paper.
 I loved the texture the tissue paper gave them! I hung these over the couch with some Commands strips I had in my junk drawer!

Total cost for me was $0.00! :)

I planned to do this much better at some point, maybe next year, on actual good sturdy canvases. I wanted to make the trees fully out of buttons but the boxes did not handle the weight well. So next time..

And then I made this precious little door knob jingle bell wreath! I for some reason have had this random bag of jingle bells in my craft stuff for like two years now... so I put them to good use.

I made a bow out of this old ribbon I took off of something a long time ago, and had saved for some reason. I then took floral wire and strung the bow and bells on it until it was full. I twisted the wire and added it to my door, easy as pie!

This was also free for me, yay!

We call it our Santa Alarm System, hehe!

I'll be back with more cheap and easy crafts very soon!

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