Christmas Craft #1

I am so excited about Thanksgiving, because I love the food so much! But, I love the spirit of Christmas! The decorations and quality time spent with the ones you love make it so wonderful. So I have already got started on my Christmas decorations. I haven't put any up...YET...but I have a long list of things I want to make, and buy, for decorations and presents! We have to buy a new tree so as soon as we do that the Christmas decorating will begin!

This first craft is an upcycled tree skirt. I have been seeing a bunch of tree skirt ideas on pinterest and this is kind of a mix of them all. I wanted to make this cheap, because pretty tree skirts are so crazy expensive for some reason. So this cute little craft cost me a total of $0.00! I used stuff I already had, but if you wanted to buy the material to make this it wouldn't cost that much either.

I used a felt tree skirt that I bought from the dollar tree a couple years ago, for $1.00. I always just used it because it was cheap, and told myself I would make one eventually! So I decided to upcycle it and add some layered ruffles to it. I always like those fancy ruffled ones, but they usually cost like $40.00....no thanks!

I used a hot glue gun to layer the scrap lace and burlap on top of each other. I folded the burlap and glued it to make it look kind of ruffly as well. I had all this beautiful lace scraps in cream, white, and red that I got from Mimi before she passed, and I am so glad I found a good use for them!

 I just love it and cannot wait to put it under our new tree!
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