A Time for Giving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I am so excited! It is my most favorite holiday. Football is on every television, and the best foods are on every table! When the time comes I will post about our 2nd Annual Friendagiving, which is Thanksgiving that we share with our bestest friends, Kacy and Travis. We tend to go all out and cook up our very own homemade Thanksgiving dinner, that is the best around. I may be partial, but I am sure it is true!

Until then, I thought I would share with you one of my latest projects. My best friend, Kacy, loved the wreaths I made for fall...so I thought I would make her one too! She is needing a housewarming gift, so this I thought would be the perfect gift! Since the holidays are all about giving and sharing, I wanted to share my craftiness with her. I just love her and love this wreath, I was so proud of the end result!

-green burlap
-red flower stem
-berry stems
-red ribbon
-the letter P
-teddy colored yarn
-hot glue and gun
-paint in mississippi mud
-foam wreath, medium sized

I cut the burlap into fairly wide strips and wrapped the whole wreath until it was covered. I then arranged the flower and berry stems and attached with hot glue. I painted the P and wrapped it with the yarn. Then hung it in the middle of the wreath by the same yarn. Attached the red ribbon and it was ready to go!

I have had just the best fall break. There are a few more projects to post, because I have been busy!
Until then, I hope you have a wonderful night!
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  1. cute! i'm stopping by from tatertots & jello. i'd love for you to stop by and check out the awesome (over $100) giveaway we're having- http://thelovelypoppy.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-follower-giveaway.html

  2. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing at the Stache Party!