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I wasn't going to do any kind of Fall decorations, except my wreaths, this year. Mostly because I have been so busy. I always want to go all out for Fall and Halloween but we have yet to spend the money and buy up all the decorations I would want. And I also had no time to craft again this year. I will be going crazy for Christmas though, so you just wait fot that! ;)

But I got an idea and added a little something Fall inside the house. I am so excited to share this, I just love it! The idea came about while I was pinning, and looking through all of the things I have bookmarked. Have any of you bookmarked/pinned as much free printables as I have? Well you should! It is amazing how many freebies there are out there. Well this whole table decor was inspired by a little Fall printable I have had bookmarked for a while.
This one is from Katie over at the blog Smile Like You Mean It.  She has a lot of great tutorials and printables, even one for Christmas! I have added her to my blog subscriptions, because I love her blog! Here is the printable if you would like to print it as well:

Her original post can be found here!!

This adorable printable led to this.....

My pretty new Fall tablescape, as Sandra Lee would say, is perfectly simple and seasonal! I printed the free printable through CVS because Walgreens' website was down. Both stores give you a great price on prints and they are ready in an hour! The total cost of the picture and frame was about $5.00, I didn't have an 8x10 I wasn't using.

I then ran to Michaels' and found a bunch of Fall stems on clearance for 60% off! I broke them up with a few I had already and scattered them along the gorgeous silver tray my mother got me from a yard sale. I then took an empty wine bottle and wrapped it in burlap...so will be making more of these because they make amazing vases! And the end result is so cute, don't you think? :)

I truly love it! If I get a chance this year I plan to add a table cloth and hang a wreath or something on the mirror behind my table, if not I will definitely do it for next year's Fall! This gave me great ideas for Christmas though and I am definitely making up more of these wine vases, wrapped in yarn, other fabrics, with lights in them? Hmmmm..

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  1. Thanks for sharing this cute printable at the Stache Party!