Hello, Paris!

I have had such a productively crafty day today! I didn't do quite as much as I wanted, but I am happy to just have a stress free day to do whatever I wish. This is the last project I am going to post about for today, our shows are about to come one!

This project has been slowly going on for a while now, and I finally finished it today! We have these amazing bookshelves in our living room which is pretty much the focal point of the room. I wanted to do something simple yet sylish with it.
We filled everything but the top shelves with our books, pictures, movies, and music. This was pretty easy sense my wonderful Ethan has a pretty nice collection of those things! I have been having the hardest time finding things for that top shelf, the decor shelf. I kept looking and looking and buying pieces here and there. I can finally rest easy because I feel that it is complete! Well until I change my mind again... :) I will play around with it for Christmas of course, but I really love the way it looks now for everyday.

I purchased a set of urn type things from Kirkland's a while back when they were on clearance. I added to them a couple of vases that I had.

This past weekend I purchased this amazing globe from this adorable store on the square. It is called Bungalow and you can follow them on facebook here! Ethan loves globes so I thought this would be a nice touch to merge both of our tastes. Lastly I added my eiffel tower that was given to me as a gift for graduating high school. I didn't like it being black, because it was too harsh...so I bought me some spray paint with my coupon from Michael's!

Here are the pictures of the before and after of the tower:


 I used this Krylon spray paint which makes it have a stone look!

And here is the end result of the book shelves, I just love it!

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  1. Love the gold and the bookshelf! Gold is so making a comeback, I'm totally running out to get some!

  2. I know it does seem like gold has came back in style! I remember when I was little I hated gold, oh how things change! I liked the way it turned out a lot, I am so pleased with it. Thanks so much for the sweet comment!