Alphabet Fun

Okay I had to post about this as soon as I could! I found this on pinterest, of course. (I took a break from homework to pin some much needed amazing things.)
This is by far the greatest thing ever! Someone has uploaded onto flikr a whole bunch of letters from different places so you can make awesome pictures like the one above! It took a little bit of time for me to decide which letters to use... for my future last name, "Hudson," ;). I then played around with how to get it into picture form, and just had to share it with you.
It was so much fun and turned out so cute! I plan to print some of these out and give as inexpensive and fun gifts! My best friends' just bought a house, wouldn't this be an amazing housewarming gift!? Yes! I just love this.

Here is the little tutorial:


-Find your letters/numbers

-Right click the desired letter

-Click on any of the sizes and it takes you to a different page with more sizes (I used the "square" size)

-Pick your size and right click again to save the picture, do this with all of your letters/numbers

-Go to Paint and paste them one by one and align them to your liking

-Save as a jpeg if you can, if not save as whatever it makes you and upload onto a photo editing site like Picnik.

-Once it is saved as a jpeg somehow, crop, upload, share, print! :)

I love the Walgreens Photo  website to print pictures. They always have good deals and will print them in no time. You can pay online or in store, and they almost always have a free collage deal! So printing some of these asap!
Now back to my pinning.... :)

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