Hello Mr. Fall

So I couldn't sleep in once again. I am stuck on school schedule and have sinus drainage and the ear ache and hurt throat that goes along with it! Bummer! So I got to working on my 2nd wreath this morning, mostly because I was just too excited! I cannot even choose which is my favorite or which to put on the front or side door...I took almost 30 min trying to decide that. I love this one though!!! It didn't take me as long either, the yarn was definitely harder to do. I hope you enjoy this one...if I had the time I would make more to sell or give as presents! I may still do some here and there ;)

Supplies: Burlap
                Hot glue
                Sunflower stem
                Berry stem
                2 leaf stems
               Medium foam wreath

This wreath cost about $10, just because I bought individual stems. I wrapped the foam wreath in burlap, which was so much easier than the yarn! Burlap is porous though so that got a little annoying with the hot glue! I then arranged my stems around a burlap bow I whipped together. It is so fall and so stinking cute!

Some different lighting from inside:

Happy Fall!

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  1. LOVE your fall wreath! Your DIY laundry detergent got posted tonight! :) Thanks SO much for guest posting for me!

  2. Cute wreath! I love the sunflower...makes the wreath really pop!

  3. Thanks for sharing this cute wreath at the Stache Party!