Happy Fall!

Today marks the first day of the new season, Fall! I know I have told you I have a strong hate for cold weather, but I do enjoy Fall. So to kick off this season officially I made my first Fall decoration! I really want to be the cheesy lady who decorates, and dresses, according to the season. And I mean go all out! When I am rich, I will change the bed spreads, shower curtains, throw pillows, etc along with the season and holidays! Until I get that money I will have to decorate on a tight budget. I didn't get family handmedowns or anything like that, so my stuff is either handmade or from the Dollar Tree! I don't mind though, it gives me a reason to get crafty! :) So here is my first wreath, I have 2 doors so I will be making another ASAP!

This took me longer than I thought it would, 3 hours! I spent a total of about $7.00 on the supplies and I had most of the things I needed. I made a yarn wrapped wreath. I warn you it is harder than you think, or maybe you did think it was but I did not! It is not perfect by no means, but I had fun making it. I ran out of yarn with a section left, so I added some burlap! It has its flaws but I love it! No reason to go buy one for $30, make something that you will have a special connection to and you will enjoy it so much more.

Supplies: Yarn
                Hot glue gun and glue sticks

I wrapped the wreath by looping yarn, matching end to end, about 4-5 times to make thick sections. This went faster than my previous method of one line at a time. It looked messier but it got the job done. I would hot glue here and there and just wrap some ends up with the yarn.  That was the bulk of my time! I then made fabric flowers out of some vintage fabric Ethan's Mimi gave to me before she passed. And one out of burlap. Placed everything the way I liked it and the wreath was complete!

I just love it! Btw, I tried taking a picture of the yarn color because it was so pretty...and on clearance! It was called Seal Brown and was a purplish brown. I can't wait to make another!

 Have a good night, and get crafty! Then tell me all about it!

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  1. Heather! That turned out so cute! I love the burlap...and you can't even tell you were short on yarn. This is perfect for fall! I have a party going on over at my blog that is dedicated to using your craft stash items. The link is open for most of October and I would love to have you join! Here is the link if you are interested: http://mylilpumpkinpatch.blogspot.com/2011/10/document.html

  2. I love the colors you selected - and I think the messiness of the yarn adds more texture and makes it look even prettier! The wheat touch is perfect. I'd love if you would link up to our Fall Wreath Craft Party this month! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for the kind comments! I will definitely be linking up! :)

  4. The burlap may have been a last minute addition, but I think it's the perfect touch! Very cute. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this cute wreath at the Stache Party! I hope you'll come back next month to link up!