{A Dash of Love} Taco Soup

Taco Soup-Stew-Dip

I love Taco Bell.
I don't know If I have already confessed my love affair with it on the blog yet...but I have a unhealthy obsession. I could eat tacos and burritos all day everyday and never grow tired of them.
You say "Yeah right," but no, really I have tested it for about a couple of week and I never got tired of eating Taco Bell...or mexican. I love queso from the mexican restaurant! Yum.

So this recipe was born from this obsession with everything taco...burrito, quesadilla, etc. I wanted to find another way to make that type of food at home without the same thing over and over. Anyone can make tacos, it has been done many ways even. I have shared with you my easy quesadilla recipe already. You can buy mexican queso from the grocery store now. And I have even one time made my favorite from TB, the beefy five layer.
So what else can I come up with? Taco soup.
Yes it is as delicious as it sounds. Once you make this you will crave it all of the time! It is so good and so versatile! So these directions are definitely not set in stone.

Taco Soup-Stew-Dip


1 pkg of taco seasoning
1 lb of ground beef
2 cans of beans, undrained--I use Chili and Pinto
1 can of corn, undrained
1 can of diced tomatoes, undrained
1/2 cup of chopped onions, or peppers, or both---the measurement is approx
Salt and pepper to taste
Scoops (very important to get scoops, it ups the experience)
Shredded  cheese
Sour cream

~All of these ingredients can be changed up, but this is usually what it is like when I make it. But I have made it spicier with corn that has peppers in it, hot sauce, more peppers, etc. You could use shredded chicken instead of beef. You can take out and add whatever to it that you desire! The key is to keep in mind that your cans of veggies and such are the "soup" part, it is where your liquid comes from and so you may have to add water if you use less canned items. Also sometimes I end up adding too much "stuff" and the 1 pkg of taco seasoning isn't enough, I then either grab 2 and season until I get it or season it with other things you have in your cabinet...Mrs Dash original works well! You just want it to have that taco-y taste! :)

Brown the ground beef, and add in onions and peppers here if you are using them. While the meat browns pour canned items and taco seasoning into a large pot. Add beef when browned and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down and simmer to let it all merry together nicely. Season with s&p and whatever else you like to your liking.

Now you are ready to enjoy this amazing taco experience. This is the best way to enjoy this, and I wouldn't recommend it any other way! (I am dead serious) Put your soup in a bowl. And in a separate bowl put some dollops of sour cream and top with shredded cheese. Take a Scoop chip and scoop you up some sour cream & cheese...then pile on some soup.
Yeah, enjoy that psychedelic ride.
You could also just throw it all in the bowl and eat it up, but I love eating it like this...it is more of a dip though!

I guarantee you will love this, and if you don't then you are probably a picky eater. And I don't care for picky eaters...so let me know and I will unfriend you. No, but really.

So that is that, an amazing dinner that is even better reheated!
If I ever get me a portable warmer, I plan to make this for those fall tailgating days!
:D Tootles!

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