My Favorite Things: Food---Grocery Store Edition

I was enjoying some amazing ice cream yesterday, which is now my new favorite, and thought it would be a good idea for a blog post. Why not share all of my favorite little treasures from the grocery store?! I was so excited to make this list out! I really enjoy when I find that special little thing at the grocery store that is good every single time. This is a list chock full of those everyday staples and those indulgences I crave from time to time.

(These are in random order, because I just can't choose a favorite...)

1. Publix Honey Almond Yogurt: If you have me as a friend on facebook, then you have heard me rave about this a million times. It is that good! I couldn't find a picture of it sadly, but it is found at Publix and is in the "fatfreelight" section of their yogurt. It is so yummy, and fat free! It is light, and just the right amount of sweet. I can eat this everyday.

2. Sweet Leaf Tea: If you haven't had this, you must try it! It is organic, the original flavor is made of just filtered water, tea leaves, and cane sugar...and I love it! I was browsing on their website and found they have a half lemonade/half tea flavor that I must try. It is located in your grocery's organic aisle and not too badly priced. I get one here and there when I am craving it.

3. Kaukauna Cheese Spread: I love love cheese. This cheese is amazing! My favorite flavor is the Swiss Almond. It is creamy and so delicious. I have also tried the sharp cheddar, which is really good also. It is so perfect because it spreads on your favorite cracker easily, AND it lasts a long time. That is my favorite part about it, I don't have to worry about it going bad and can have yummy cheese whenever I crave it!

4. Peter Pan Honey Roasted Peanut Butter: Creamy and a little twist on your regular ole peanut butter. It has a sweeter taste because of the honey that will knock your socks off! It makes PB&J's that much better.

5. Country Crock Honey Spread: I think you're getting the idea that I like honey... Well this is the best honey butter I have ever had. I do crave this a lot more than I should. It is perfect on bagels, english muffins, toast, but most of all hawaiian bread. Oh my, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. For a sweet end to dinner, I brush some of this melted onto the hawaiian dinner rolls...bam! I was also looking at their site only to find they have a Pumpkin Spice flavor, yes!

6. Special K Protein Shake: I drink these a lot during school, because usually I am too busy to eat! These are actually really tasty! You wouldn't think so, but they are really good! I hate Slim Fast, but really love these. It works as a meal alternative and keeps you feel full. I use it in the morning or for lunch when I don't have time to eat and I know my belly will be aching for food! They are good for you and yummy! I still want to try the other flavors, but chocolate is perfect!

7. Kraft Veggie Mac and Cheese: I really like this! It has a 1/2 cup of veggies and good for you. I prefer it to the original pasta, this has a little different flavor that I like, but it is still just as cheesy!

8. Graeter's Ice Cream: This is what inspired this blog post. It is so amazing. I like ice cream, a lot, and this is by far my favorite!! I only tried the Butter Pecan, and it was so buttery, sweet, and just...no words. I will be trying other flavors, asap. For research of course... Also supposedly Oprah said that the Butter Pecan was HER favorite ice cream too, the lady knows her ice cream. They sent her lots of it when she said this on her show, so maybe they'll do the same for me? :) I would love some free ice cream!

9. Simply Apple Juice: My favorite juice! It is so delicious! I hate, hate, hate regular apple juice. It doesn't taste like apples at all! Well this juice does and it is so perfect ice cold in the morning. I am sad because they were out of it yesterday when I went to the store to get it... bummer! I will be back to get it asap though.

10. Hershey's Bliss Chocolate: My favorite chocolate, by far! It is smooth and melts in your mouth. I like the milk chocolate flavor, of course!

11. Oh's Cereal: It was hard to choose my favorite cereal. I love cereal! But I think in the end, this wins! It is sweet, honey filled of course, crunchy, and fabulous! It is a perfect cereal with milk and on the go, because it taste so good dry too. Runner-ups for favorite cereal were Banana Nut Cheerios and Berry Berry Kix. Love those!

12. Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Beer: I had to put my favorite beer on here too! I really can't pick a favorite because I haven't been fair and tried allll beers out there yet ;). But this is what I am loving right now. It is a brown ale with a nice pecan aftertaste that lingers after you sip. I have always liked beer but we have just recently became testers using the World Market "make your own six pack" option...it is awesome. Try it next time you want something different, it is at the grocery store!

13. Arbor Mist Pinot Grigio-White Pear: You know what I love more than beer, wine. I know you cannot get this at our local grocery stores in TN, because we are lame, but my liquor store is right beside my kroger. :D I love this because it is so light! It is so easy to drink, it is almost like water! And it is cheap. You can get this big bottle for about $8! I am no alcoholic now, and rarely drink. But for special occaisions it is okay to have one or two...I am 21! I also like other flavors and actual wines, since this brand is usually seen as a lesser wine,  but I haven't got to wine taste many. I know I love pinto grigio though!

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