Calling All Curtains

Yes, you pretty printed curtains. I want you. I need you. But you are so expensive.
I showed you all in a previous post the beautiful curtains I realllly wanted from World Market. Well I waited too long and now they are sold out, they were also 40$ a panel too...which is why I waited so long to decide. (Also the yellow button pillows went before I could snatch em up). So it is back to the drawing board, dreaming board that is, for me and this living room. I have always known I could make my own curtains, I mean I have a sewing machine...and there are many different fabrics out there. But the sewing machine is still packed up in that avalanche of a storage closet, that we must go through soon. And I still have not found THE fabric.
 So this weekend I was bored, looking on pinterest, seeing lots of tutorials on no sew curtains using sheets and everything else, and people using stencils. I then decided I would make me some curtains since I couldn't find what I wanted for a good price. I drove immediately to hobby lobby and picked up the supplies!

This is not a success story, just fair warning.

I picked up some burlap because it was on sale, and I LOVE burlap. Also picked up a baroque design stencil, hem tape, and some Burnt Umber paint-and a sponge. This all cost me about $14. I was so psyched! I get home and pull out the burlap only to find that the way it was cut made what would be my "panels" too skinny. So disappointing. I think I can still make this work though. So still too excited, I somehow cut the burlap the wrong way, eventhough I knew which way I should cut it. So I now made it wide enough for my window but not long enough...if your thinking I gave up, not yet! So I still try to make this work by piecing the pieces together, I am thinking it won't be noticeable or it will be okay for now! Well long story short (yea right lol) it didn't look that great, the hem tape kept coming undone, was way too skinny, and I gave up after one "panel."

I did however really like the looks of my stencil on burlap so if I ever do get enough time I will make sure it is cut right and try again! I just thought I would share, not everything is going to be a success! But that is okay, that is why we try again! I still plan to try this unless I find a good deal on a curtain or fabric I like...hopefully sooner than later because I hate these bare windows! I do plan to cut and hem this pretty printed itchy sheet I have for the guest room's curtains, I will hopefully post a success story with that soon! Also will use this leftover burlap for a fall wreath very very soon! :) Win-win!

I made the curtain look like a curtain for these photos, but trust me it was awful in person. you can see my nice hem line where I pieced together, :D. It didn't look so bad right? lol...
I would've loved it though if it would have worked out!
Love the stencil on the burlap!

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