So long, friend

Labor day has come and gone and so has another warm summer....I will miss you, until next year!
I kicked off fall today with my favorite, pumpkin spice latte, from Starbucks! I love love summer and spring, but fall is a nice change. I hate the winter. I don't like being cold/wearing layers of clothing, but it will be here before we know it so I have to soak up this fall air.
I do like the things that come with the season change. The leaves, the crisp air, the coffee...the holidays. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving in particular, because I love food! I also now have good reason to make all the chili, stew, and soup I want. I make a mean chili and a yummy taco soup, both are only good if I make enough for a family of like 10 though....
So I decided to kick off fall with some great DIY fall ideas and just random images of the season to help get you pumped. If this doesn't help though, go get you a pumpkin spice latte asap! :) And then you'll want to wait for my All About Pumpkin post which will be up soon!

Burlap Runner, will so be doing this asap. I want to use burlap around the house everywhere for fall!
Baby food jars with chalkboard painted lids for you spices, such a neat idea! And I use a lot of spices in the fall.... and I really love baby food, yes, I think some of them are yummy!
Perfect fall nail color, love it so much!
Want a truckload of these to decorate with!
From Banana Republic, which I just recently found to be my favorite store..everything is my perfect style and fit! This especially, I need!!
Oh goodness love it for Halloween, our door is black so we could totally do a skull or something!

Also wait for my Halloween post, I have so many good ideas!
Now to kick off the amazing Fall Television Season, Sons of Anarchy starts back tonight...so excited! :) If you haven't watched it yet, you are seriously missing out. I reccommend watching it asap and can also give you a long list of awesome shows if you are needing more in your life, because believe me I know TV!
Also, I am still pinning away when I can! So check out my pintastic board!

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