Update: DIY Grocery Bag Holder

I finally got around to doing my very own version of this! I actually had to wait until I used up all of the wipes in the container though, couldn't be wasteful! So I thought I would share it with you because it is just too cute. Now hopefully I can keep it up and add to it once I get new bags and not just end up still throwing them under the sink! I previously posted about this here. And the directions are super simple and can be found here.
I did everything she did except I used regular modge podge instead of fabric modge podge, but it turned out pretty well! I also just used the modge podge as glue instead of using a spray adhesive, so far it stays! Also, I started out trying some adorable scrapbook paper I found in this cute green polka dot instead of the fabric, but it just rippled and look messy! So I just got some scrap fabric and used that. I plan to make another for the car for sure!

Recycling can be cute and fun! :)

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