Hello there, it has yet again been too long since I have blogged...I hate when that happens, and I have such good things to blog about! This one in particular is to help me get fully prepared for my hair appointment next Friday. I know, a list about your hair appt too? Yes. Of course! My favorite of all time hair stylist has recently had a baby, and lives 2 1/2 hours away, so I guess there is no time like the present to find someone I like here. Now I would love to wait for her to get off of maternity leave and keep the reasonable prices, but I have dark roots....and I love to be blonde.

I love to be blonde too much. Believe me if I could change one thing about myself, that'd be it...a natural blonde! Or for me to accept my brown locks. I just feel so much better as a blonde, and I have been dying it that way since my aunt put that first bottle of Sun-In in my hair when I was 8. So now I must keep up with it or these dreadful brown, black, roots peek out. I try to keep a dimensional highlight in it, which is at least 2 colors usually highlight and lowlight, so that it will break up the brown roots and not look so pronounced when they emerge. But in the spring and summer I get a little blonde happy...

So I am trying someone new next week. My best friend goes to her and she is supposedly the best so I am not as nervous as I'd usually be. I just hate that first color, you have to build up that relationship and let them know what you want from them. Which is the hard part for me because I can picture it, but I cannot describe it without contradicting myself a few times and going into probably way too much detail: I would like to look like a blonde, but have some dark blonde and/or light brown to break it up. But I don't want them put too closely together where I look silver. But I don't want them cheesy with definite stripes either. And I could possibly like some blonde chunks towards the front or on top. But also some way to break those roots so they aren't so awful. And I like strawberry blonde mixed in, but not too red. I don't want dark brown mixed in, but I probably should because of my roots. And I like my underneath to be dark to go with my roots but I don't like when it juts out too much under my blonde and looks like two different layers of color.
And as for the cut, this is the first time I am cutting my hair in like 2 years. That was when I was fried off up to my ears, so yea. I know I don't want my length gone that much and want long layers. I should probably cut up to my ears to get all of the dead ends off, but I can't. So I plan to grow until I can, but that'll never happen because it will just be this endless loop of dead ends.

SEE?!?! I am sure every hairstylist I go to wants to murder me, and any hairstylists reading this want to as well. I am not a difficult client, I am just so nervous about my hair. I really should have just went to beauty school so I could do it myself. Because too many people have messed up my hair, sadly. I have been fried at least 3 times, one was the really bad one I speak of above. I have been turned silver numerous times and a tiger. Choppy and too short cuts, all make me terrified they will happen again. But once again I must trust yet another person, this time dishing out the big bucks. But hey if she is the best, she is worth it. We will see if she gets it right.
Here are my ideas, from google images:

Her dimensional highlights are pretty...

Not a fan of Cameron but I really like her highlights in the front, seems like it'd break up the root and still be blonde?

I have always wanted to do the pops of blonde, without being too cheesy, ya know? This is pretty!

I also like this natural looking color though, with pops of blonde?!?!

Have always loved this, even the bangs. But I would have to do more of a longer side swept.

I know my hair is not long enough, YET, but I love this. I think this is my goal!

Here she is again with shorter, it seems like I could get this now and it be a good transitional cut for the longer version?

I still have no idea how to describe this to her, maybe I will just print out this blog post...

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