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Hello again, happy weekend! I keep trying to blog, but somehow everytime I get on the computer I get busy pinning and such that by the time I am ready to blog my head hurts! So I plan to do a lot this weekend since I have nothing planned but to be lazy! :)

This post in particular is very juicy, I promised my cousin I would tell the world how great of a photog she is, so here we are! I know there are a lot of people these days who consider themselves photographers, but it takes real skill and an eye for detail. It takes someone to do something different to stand out above the rest.
And that would be my cousin who I just adore, Melissa. She has picked up the hobby and ran with it, and has been very successful. I like her style of photography, it is all very natural and unstaged. She captures those special moments as they happen, concentrating on the uniqueness of each one.

So this spotlight is on Melissa Leigh Photography. She shoots all types of events and for any occasion, families, weddings, and even those special birthdays! If you are looking for someone in the Murfreesboro area, I would greatly recommend checking her out!
Her facebook page can be found here. If you "like" her page you can see some of the pictures she has done and her prices are located under the menu tab. She also has a website which is here!. You can contact her on facebook or by email: mw.sweetimages@gmail.com.
I hope you check her out, it is definitely worth your time! Thanks for reading!

Here are a few of my favorite shots (all copyrighted by Melissa Leigh Photography):

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