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Blogging some more today while my hair no-heat curls up and Elle naps away! I have been doing a lot of planning of what I want to do with this apartment, I am itching to get it decorated how I want but trying to take my time and save my money by finding the best deals and not impulse buying like I usually do for the apartment. So here are some inspirations and plans I have so far:

I am loving this idea for my kitchen. I have one wall in the back of my galley style kitchen and I have been trying to decide what I wanted to put back there. I was stuck on doing just a big painting or this huge sunflower I saw at pier one but I think this way will be the most unique and least expensive! I can go thrifting for unique plates and it will just be so perfect! I am super excited!

This is a DIY runner which would be just fabulous for my dining table, under my vase of lemons! you can find the tutorial here.

I reeealllyy love the idea of using pallets as a coffee table, it would be so inexpensive! I might stack two though since this seams a little low or find some legs from somewhere and paint it like this:
These will be the colors of my coffee table! Whether I do the pallets or just paint an old one. As soon as I find the perfect materials I will be doing this! looove!

Speaking of the living room, I plan to purchase these pale yellow pillows for my couch! I have a chocolate brown couch with a blue floral print pillow and I think these will be perfect! I could do blue but I don't like matchy matchy and with my coffee table idea, yes!

picture it on this couch:

The pillows and these curtains are from World Market, which I just love so much! I cannot decide on a curtain yet for the room. I was gonna go pretty simple and get just a cornflower blue or something. But I loooove printed curtains! I had the infamous peacock feathered ones at our old place, but they had to retire. I really love both of these and want something airy. Still can't fully decide, so I might just make my own if I find the right fabric! Here is even a no sew tutorial that I found from anothert blog, even though sweing curtains would be so easy.  

So those are the plans I have so far. I am really excited to get it done. I also plan to find a shutter asap and paint to hold my bills. I also still plan to do fabric wall art over the couch and maybe even both beds! The one thing I still have not fully decided on either is the top of our bookcase. We have an amazing bookcase in the living room that is built in and I have left the top open for me to play with, but have not found the perfect vases and such to put up there, but I will! :) Thanks for reading my blog, you must be really bored! Hehe.

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