DIY Weekend #1

Hooray! I can now put a check beside two projects I had on my very long list. I picked two very simple and cheap projects to do this weekend. They didn't turn out perfect by no means but I love them both! I am going to post the pictures and how tos below! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

DIY Dry Erase Board Calendar
Need: paint samples (I got 21 long rectangle ones and cut in half)
           frame with glass
           poster board

Pretty easy, just glue the paint samples to the poster board (cut to fit your frame) as the days of the month in any pattern you like, and voila dry erase board calendar!
I got my frame from goodwill and the samples were free so this project cost a total of $5.00!

DIY Coasters
Need: 4X4 tiles, white
           Modge Podge
           Scrapbook Paper of your choice
           Clear spray paint
           Sponge or brush
           Felt pads, optional

Cut paper to fit the tiles, and attach with modge podge. Let dry. Spray with clear spray paint. Attach felt pads to the bottom. That is it! :) And I did six at a total of $8.00! The modge podge and spray paint were a little pricy, but the tiles were only 16 cents at home depot and paper was cheap too!
I love em!

These were super easy and so much fun, hope you will add them to your to-do lists!


  1. I love these coasters so much! They're adorable! I have to make these and the calender! Love your blog!

  2. Aw thanks!! I am working on new posts, just been so busy! Theyll be up soon though :) And please share the pics once youve completed them!