Breakfast Blogfest

Good morning! It felt wonderful to not have to wake up at 5am this morning. I have been busy this morning already though because I couldn't sleep past 7! I have been cleaning, paying bills, making lists, and of course planning out my DIY projects. I now finally have made myself sit down and take a break and of course I have used the time getting lost in stumbling and pinning. If you don't stumble, you probably should not start. It might be more addicting than pinning. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I apologize! Stumbleupon.com is a site where you essentially put in your interests and "stumble upon" websites related to those interests, and then if you are on pinterest you can pin any cool things you find! I have been pinning like crazy so if you are curious, it is here.

Anyhoo while pinning I have found even more awesome DIY projects that I had to share. I still cannot make up my mind of which ones I want to do this weekend. So the plan is that I will do whichever project I find the supplies for first and for the cheapest. I still have to narrow it down to like my top 5 or something, which is just unbelievably hard to do! But hopefully I will be sharing with you a successful project that I completed very soon. Until then enjoy looking at this list of projects everyone should try, and of course I will be pinning more if you get bored!

This is a free printable that I just have to put somewhere and you can get it here!

Dip dyed candles, I know, amazing idea and easy too! Find it here!

Hula hoop rug, so easy and fun! Find it here!

Turn mason jars into soap dispensers! This will be perfect for my kitchen, especially when I change my glasses over!

Turn a shutter into a bill holder!! So doing this as soon as I find shutters!
Make your own coasters from scrapbook paper and cheap tiles! Find it here!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Tootles!

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