B-E-A-UTY Tips

Happy Saturday! I know how much we all love the no-heat curls that I shared with you a while back. So I have found a couple more DIY beauty tips that I wanted to share. I so enjoy being pampered and getting my nails and hair done. But, I love playing around with my own  nails though too, I have done the usual polka dots and stripes and even watermelon toes! I have been seeing this new technique though and have been wanting to try it for a while. I found a good tutorial that I had to share.

It is called Water Marbling, it seems easy and looks super cool!
Essentially you can give your nails a marble effect with all sorts of different colors, I must try asap!

Here is the tutorial:
And the website with other info is here.

I also found a wonderful DIY facial for the fall that I will be trying! It seems very soothing and delicious with lavender oil and many other wonderful ingredients! The ingredients and such are here.

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