No Heat Curls

So today is a new day and I am trying to not think about how long I have to be here and instead keeping busy with Elle, even though she's fussy again, and making more todo lists! I have also been pinning and repinning some more, so do check out my pintastic board, here. I am so addicted to it, and there are so many awesome things that other people pin that I just have to repin. So I strongly advise you to try it out, it will entertain you at your boredest moment!

I also tried one of the many things on my todo list this morning! I had to share this with ya'll. Okay, every girl likes to have curls in their hair once in awhile right? But it is too much trouble with the hour spent twirling it around the curling iron, your arm getting terribly sore and your mood about the curls drastically changed...well that is not the case anymore! I have found, from another blog, a way to do no heat curls! It took me about 5 minutes this morning...that is it. I now have gorgeous spiral curls that have held up wonderfully!

What you need:
Elastic Headband
Maybe some Hair spray...yes this is all!

Here is the video tutorial:

Essentially all you do is wrap your hair around the elastic headband all the way around! I did it this morning, but I washed my hair last night and went to bed with it wet so it was slightly damp this morning when I wrapped it and it was done in like 5 min! I left it like that for about 4 hours and took it out and sprayed! Awesome! I think the look with the hair twirled around the head band is pretty cute too... here is my finished look:

I found the video from the blog Maryjanes and Galoshes, which I love. here

Now back to pinning.... :)

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