Good Morning

I am going to have a lot of time to blog these next couple of weeks because I will be watching little Elle most of the time. So during naps and such I will be on here so that I am not falling asleep with her...because that is more tempting. I will also be looking for more nanny jobs, unfortunately once again the family I am working for is moving and until then their schedules aren't going to meet up with mine, so after these insane 2 weeks I will be unemployed! Bummer! But I will have some time to do those many projects I have on my long to do list.
I have recently added a new one: I am going to paint my knife block. Cute idea, right?! I saw someone somewhere do it, if I could remember where I would give them the credit, but I have some cute ideas of my own.. because that thing is always so boring..why not make it pretty if it is gonna sit out on the counter! So excited!
I am also going to post my pinterest board on here for you to enjoy. A friend told me about it and ever since I have been hooked, it totally solved my cluttered favorites bar and blog posts dilemma. You just pin something to your board when you like it, yea that easy and it can be anything from any website! You need to sign up if you haven't already. Here is the link to My Pintastic Board , enjoy! :)

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