GNO: Dowtown Nashville

Me and my wonderful best friend, Kacy, went to see Kathy Griffin live Thursday night in Nashville. It was so fun! I have always loved KG, I have watched her standup and her reality show for like ever! I think she is the funniest female comic out there, and way funnier than most male comics. She curses like a sailor is a definite democrat and picks on famous/political people! So awesome!

She came out in a bikini top and skirt because "Nashville is too hot," and hit most everything I wanted to hear. She ran out of time before she could get to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party stuff, but she had us doubled over laughing the whole time! I love a good laugh. I think you should try to laugh at least everyday, I couldn't imagine not laughing everyday! It is hard not to when I am a clutz and my boyfriend is the funniest person on the planet. But we had a great time, just wish it would have went on longer...and that we would have had more drinks. This older bartender guy whipped us up a "Never Fails" because we didn't know what we wanted. It had two types of alcohol, I know one was rum, and cranberry and pineapple/orange juice...yum! Here are a few pics of the night. I am sure I will be posting some more today now that the house is clean and errands are ran! Until then, tootles!

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