Making Lists and More Lists...

As you know, I am a list maker. I make millions and millions of lists. I love that act of writing down what I want to do, it feels like it cannot be done unless it is down, or it very well won't be because I will forget about it. I make lists for shopping of course, and cleaning, and projects I want to do, foods I want to cook, places I want to go, books I want to read, movies I want to see...so many. I go through a lot of notebooks! Most listmaking ppl like the act of marking something off to feel they accomplished it, not me..most of the lists I make get lost and I end up having to make them again. There is just something about organizing my thoughts, well the best way they can be! That is why I like ranting on here to you! Well I finally get a few days off this weekend and while I really want to just spend it lying around in my pjs, I also really wanna do the many DIY projects on my list! As always the weather is not planning to work out in my favor. I know we need the rain, but I really wanted to do my spray painting this weekend! I have a lot to spray paint. I must do the painted spoons and knife block...and picture frames...and laundry baskets? I wanna spruce up everything I possibly can with some spray paint! So that list will have to wait. I am currently using a container of cleaning wipes so I can't do the grocery bag project yet. So the plan is to do one of the few things I can see on the one small list I have with me:

1. Make fabric wall art for the living room...I think all I need is a big discount frame or  I could make one of my own out of wood scraps and then maybe some stuffing, tacks and fabric! Like this:

2. Make some pillows for the couch...I will have to unpack my sewing machine for this, I need to anyhow! Like the below one, someone made this knockoff of a regular pillow that was over $100!

3. Make wreaths for the doors, or probably do the frame idea because I love that so much! It reminds me of Monica's door on Friends.  Like the one below just not a holiday one, yet!!

4. Whip up some household cleaners...I have a pretty long list of these I have been meaning to do!
Like this homemade laundry detergent that is 576 loads for $6!

5. Cook and bake up a storm! This one might be the most likely! :) Like these yummy looking homemade poptarts! Oh my!

I really hope I don't get lazy and that I accomplish at least one of these this weekend! I will feel so much better and will have a new cool product in the apartment! Heck if I get bored enough I might do all 5...I worked hard for this paycheck, I deserve it! Here are just a few others on my list:

Top to bottom: Door turned into coffee table, DIY beanbag, DIY laptop skin, and framed collage!
You can find these all on my pinterest for the actual links and much more! here
I told you I have a lot of lists! I hope ya'll will join me this weekend and do some of the projects on your list too! Tootles!

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