DIY Silverware Mix-up

I have been meaning to post this on here, because I plan to do this as soon as I can find the time and the money (I will have to buy ALOT of spray paint). I really don't see how I have never thought of this, but it is genius! I have handmedown mismatched silverware and am always looking to buy some more, and I just love the colorful sets I see on some websites. So I plan to do this so very soon, it is on one of my many to-do lists! I plan to do all of our silverware and really want to do all different colors: Lemon Yellow, Baby Pink, Robins Egg Blue, Lime Green, White, and I know it will be so hard but polka dots, stripes, and plaid would be soooo cute! I will have to see how much money and time I have, but no matter what even if I painted them all white it would be adorable! You can find the idea here. I cannot wait until I can post my version!

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