{A Dash of Love} Yummy Sweet Tea

Everyone loves a good cold glass of freshly made sweet tea. And we all make it the usual way right? Well I do have a tea maker, but I prefer the taste of boiling the tea bags on the stove. I usually make 2 quarts with about 2 cups of sugar, give or take. Sometimes the sugar settles at the bottom over time or it doesn't get as sweet as I would like. Which is a bummer!
Well I was reading this month's issue of Food Network Magazine and they have a whole spread on iced tea. They mentioned using sugar syrup instead of pouring the sugar right in...which reminded me of one of my favorite places to eat, Demos', who gives you your own bottle of sugar syrup to sweeten to your liking and is amazing! So it is super easy and just had to share because it made my sweet tea ten times better than it was, and I can make some pretty mean sweet tea!
So you just take equal parts water and sugar and simmer them on the stove until the sugar is fully dissolved. For 2 quarts, I had to pour out to about 1.5 quarts to fit the syrup, I used about 1 1/2 cups of both sugar and water. And it is sweet, like I like it, and perfect because they syrup evenly just distributes with the tea! You can definitely play with it and get it how you like it, the magazine called for just 3/4 cup of each and it was still too bitter for me. The coolest part of all this is they gives you ways to pump up the syrup with different flavors which I plan to do with my next batch! They have measurements for orange and lemon zest, lavender, blackberries, cinnamon, mint, cucumber, etc. and all you do is simmer them with the syrup! How perfect! I hope this helps you make your tea better and more fun! :) I am gonna go enjoy my summer day with my teaaa! 

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