I have been looking to buy some more rugs for my kitchen and entryway. But they all seem to be much too expensive! I have an adorable colorful rag-rug that I bought for my kitchen and was looking at it today thinking about how easy it must be to make one of those. So I googled some tutorials and plan to try this asap! I found a braided rag-rug tutorial (pic #1), which is kind of confusing but maybe when I get started on it I can understand better. I would also like one more colorful than the one she posted. You can find it here. And the pic #2 is of a recycled sweater rug which looks like a super cute and neat idea! You can find it here. So hopefully I can find some time and lots of old fabric scraps to make something really special! I will post as soon as I do, of course! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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