2012 Get Awesome Plan: Schedules

It is officially 2012, Happy New Year everyone! I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the year. I have been brainstorming about my Get Awesome Plan ever since I decided to do it, and blog about it. I hope you all join me, or at least start your own plan to help you through the new year! I know that if I can get this all squared away, then I will be able to enjoy 2012 with less stress and more organization.

So first things first, I need to get back to my organized self...with schedules! Oh how I love schedules, planners, and calendars! I am going to have a meal plan, a monthly calendar, and personal weekly calendars up on the fridge at our house. You could mix in and take out any of these to better suit your life, like for instance adding a exercise plan. I think everyone should at least put up a monthly calendar, just so you can keep up with any important dates that happen throughout the year!

I am still completing our schedules, and I will share them all as they become fully complete. I actually don't think I am going to use the weekly calendar I made and put in the previous post. After making it I got a better idea of how to organize our weeks, but you are still welcome to print it if it works for you!

Below is a printable meal plan that I made. I plan to use this every week to help us stick to a grocery budget, and hopefully be able to cook more and eat junk less. I added a grocery list so I can keep up with what we need to buy. I haven't decided if we will do a weekly grocery trip or make out 2 weeks of these plans and then shop every 2 weeks. I will have to figure that out once we get our official budget in place!
(If you would like to use this and want it in it's original size, let me know and I will email it to you!)

I have also made up my personal weekly schedule, which is below. This is still not final, because I will have to test it out once school starts to see if it will work out at all. Ethan is making up his own as well, that way we can both be more productive and have more down time to do what we want. I don't have a printable template for this but if you like the idea I would recommend making your own in Microsoft Word.

I tried to allow myself enough time for important things like homework, but also even more importantly time to just relax. This is the most important probably for me, because in my down time I tend to stress about other things, which is just unhealthy! I also plan to try to add more exercise time once I get a feel of how the weeks will go when school starts back.

I also have found some cute printable calendars via Pinterest to use as my monthly calendar. These are good to write important dates and appointments to better keep up with everything going on. I am posting my 3 favorites below:

This is a cute full year calendar:
You can download the pdf here!

This is the one that is probably going up on our fridge:
 You can download the pdf here!

This is a pretty full 12 month printable calendar:
download the pdf here!

I hope you use some of these ideas to help better keep your life organized. If you don't need them, good for you! I hope you all have a healthy, productive, and fun year! Let's Get Awesome in 2012!
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