2012 Resolution: Get More Awesome

I never really make a resolution for the new year. I always want to be that person that sets goals for the year, and sticks to them. I never do because I am afraid I won't stick to it, and I hate letting myself down. That might be my biggest fear. I don't really want to let down any of my friends or family either, but letting myself down is the hardest to deal with. I set my expectations of myself very high, and intend to achieve all goals I set for myself, so I choose them carefully. I will graduate college, I will marry my best friend, and I will be successful in my field.

2011 was not so kind to me. I am not saying it was the worst year I have ever had, but I have definitely had better. If you just look at the past year in the news, there was more bad than good. But, 2011 did include the royal wedding, which was definitely the highlight of news for the year! I just did not feel myself this year... It could be because I have been a lot busier this year. Or the fact that I lost my tan. Or that I gained a little more weight. Or that I was less organized. Or that I have become even more mature. I think it is not one single thing, and most of these aren't all negative. I was a lot busier because I worked more and I am getting closer to graduating. I lost my tan and haven't went tanning in a year, which is good for my skin. I have matured in the sense that I don't feel I have to choose a new pair of heels over bills, nor do I feel I need to overdraw my account to get that new purse I just think I have to have, and I understand you have to go to class to learn. And I now fully want to learn. I am not saying I am usually this reckless of a person, because I am very responsible, but I have been known to be a little careless every now and then...I'm young, I can learn from those mistakes.

In 2012 I want to feel good in my skin again. I don't mean to sound sappy at all. I feel this blog is a place where I can not only show off my crafts, but talk through my ideas and such. For this new year I plan to make my life just more awesome:
I want to be productive, in school especially.
I want to be more patient, I do not need to buy that, or sew that, just yet.
I want to be less of a procrastinator.
I want to love myself again, I don't have to be tan...but I can tan if I want to...
I want to enjoy more of the simple things..I always forget to do that.
I want to relax, really relax.
I want to make good grades, and earn them.
I want to become even closer to my love, Ethan.
I want to be happier, and not sweat the small things.
I want to surround myself with good people, who make me smile.
I want to get back to my old organized self.

I plan to tackle most of these with the Get Awesome Plan. This will include schedules and such to keep me on track. I seem to function better when I am under a structured plan. Even though working and going to school full time is difficult, I seem to enjoy the actual structured weekly schedule. I was off my game this last year and wasn't fully prepared to deal with it all. But, 2012 will be different, I will make myself able to handle whatever is thrown at me. I plan to cut down as much "bored time" that I can. That doesn't mean I want to take out relaxation time, but I need less time to sit around and think about what I should be doing and just DO something, which could just simply be yoga.

So, I will be posting the full plan as soon as I get it all planned out. I plan to have a weekly schedule, meal plans, school work schedule, etc.

I already made the weekly calendar to post on the fridge, and have it below if you would like to print it for yourself!
I hope you all join me and try to make 2012 an awesome year! :)
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