Entry 5: Hairy Business Part 1

Hey Kiddos!

It's time for another diary entry! I know, I have been such a slacker. I am a lazzzzyyy summer bum! :D We've been soaking up this summer relaxation time before school starts back. We started a ton of new shows, as if we don't already watch enough, and it has been so fun! We like to start from the beginning of shows and do the crazy back to back episode marathon that goes on for hours. Let's just say we watched both seasons of Game of Thrones in just 2 days, that is 20 hours solid of amazing television! I love TV!

So, today I want to start out by giving you some hair tips. This will be part one of my Hair Saga, followed by tutorials and such in the proceeding the posts. Again I must point out that I am no expert on anything, especially hair. But, I have been through years of hair trauma and fantastic hair days. And after it all I have picked up some helpful tips along the way. I mean look at that gorgeous head of hair in the pic below...I am very proud of it! And I should be, I have been through so much hair trauma. Let's just say it took me 2 and a half years to grow it to the length it is at now. Because it was previously fried up to my ears... yep! I have been fried, silver, brassy, yellow, white, brown, red, chopped, and everything in between. But I made it through thanks to a great new hairstylist, and my awesome hair tips!

Tips to a Good Hair Day

1. Wash your hair the least amount possible. You've probably heard this, and you should listen! Every time you wash your hair it takes away some of the essential oils that are needed to give hair that soft feel and shiny look. The more you wash your hair, the drier your hair will become. I know we all feel dirty with dirty hair, and especially when it gets that oily look. But it will help your hair tremendously if you hold off. I wash my hair probably every other day, but I do try to go 2 days sometimes without washing! Try it, and you'll see a difference!

2. Buy some dry shampoo! This is a miracle worker for the very reason stated above. Oily hair looks gross and therefore makes you feel gross. Dry shampoo is the only thing that gets me through those non-washing days. It is amazing! I have used baby powder for years now as a "dry shampoo." It works wonders to pull that extra oil out and is great on a pinch. But you must use it carefully because it can easily turn your hair grey-ish! Nowadays though they make wonderful dry shampoos at affordable prices. My favorite is Suave Dry Shampoo which costs about $3.50 a bottle. It makes oily hair look dry again and adds volume to clean hair, I love it! I buy it regularly, use everyday, and the bottle usually lasts me about 3 weeks. 

3. Rinse in cold water. Suck it up, and do it! I shampoo and condition my hair at the end of my shower for this very reason. Why you ask? Well just like those hot styling tools, hot water is not good for your hair. Cool water on the other hand closes your hair cuticles and leaves the hair sleeker with less frizz. So, just do it for the sake of your hair! 

4. Shampoo and condition correctly. Massage shampoo into your head being sure to really clean it. Scrub, scrub, scrub until you're sure you've cleaned every inch of your scalp. Rinse well! Add conditioner, generously, and coat every strand. I like to use a Shower Comb while the conditioner is in my hair to detangle the mess the shampoo caused. Let the conditioner sit for at least 3 minutes before rinsing, in cold! Now you've adequately washed those tresses! 

5. Use quality hair products. Throw away that Pert Plus, Suave, and especially Pantene...now!!! I don't even have time to list all the horrible drugstore shampoo and conditioners. I will tell you right now Pantene is by far the worst for your hair. In my experience, that is, it seems to give you the illusion of nice, soft hair for about the first 2 washes, then it just builds up and causes your hair to be worse than before. I hate it. Now I will tell you there are some drugstore products I will use if I am on a small budget. My favorite is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. It is supposed to be a treatment used once a week, but I use it as an everyday conditioner because my hair is so dry. It works really well! I would also recommend Dove, Tresseme, and Head & Shoulders (for those dandruff days!) My favorite products though, pictured below, are The Redken Extreme Collections, Redken Guts, Kenra Hairspray, and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. The Extreme collection is great for overly processed, hint hint...fellow fake blondes, and leaves my hair soft and shiny. Guts is an awesome spray mousse that is the greatest root volumizer on the planet! Kenra makes amazing flexible hairspray. And Super Skinny is great for polishing those frizzies! 

6. Blow dry properly. You should blow dry your hair differently according to how you plan to style it. Oh, you've been blow drying the same way for years? Why? I don't know either. Get a good and hot blow dryer with a diffuser first of all. And get a big round brush. Then pick through your wet hair with a comb or pick and get all of those tangles out! Go ahead and determine your part, again based on your style. For straight hair: Hold the blow dryer on its side, blowing the hot air downwards towards the floor. Blow dry your hair this way until every last strand is dry, detangling along the way using your fingers. You can go upside down at the very end to give a volumizing blast to your roots. For scrunched or naturally curly hair: Use a diffuser, why haven't you before? On a low setting, face the dryer where the air is blowing upwards toward ceiling. Diffuse hair until it is nearly dry, finish with any finishing products. For curling iron or super big hair: blow dry normally, or with a round brush, while blow drying upside down every so often. 

7. Buy a good straightener. Curling irons and blow dryers can be bought at your local Wal-Mart, in my opinion, and they work just fine. You should invest in a good straightener though. I love love love my Chi Ultra!! I highly recommend it. It's worth the price! It heats up in 30 seconds, is super duper hot, and straightens in one swipe. My hair is always shiny and sleek when I wear it straight and this is why! 

8. Curl your hair like we're in the 21st century. There should be no reason for you to curl your hair by holding your iron horizontally, taking it down to the end, and then rolling up to your scalp. This should only be done with rollers, and only for volume. I will do a tutorial on how to properly curl, but just know its not like that. Be on the look out for my tutorial!

9. Tease like we're in the 21st century.  No need for 80's style rat nests, tease for height but still keep your sleekness! Stick around for this tutorial as well. Teasing is a great way to volumize at the crown of your head, which gives hair a nice full look. 

10. No ugly ponies. I will also have tutorials on pony tails. I hate those slicked back, tiny pony tails. Those are only allowed in the gym. Stay tuned! 

**Bonus tip: Find a good colorist, and keep up with your color and cuts. Roots are not pretty, neither are split ends. The stylists at any Ulta Salon are definitely the BEST!!!

So there you have it 10+ hair tips to having good hair days!! I hope these help and you enjoy more good hair days than bad ones! Check back soon for Part 2! 


  1. I love your blog!!! I'm 45 but a complete hair and make-up retard, and frankly at this age, it's sort of embarrassing to ask another adult for help. I love your tips and have drastically improved my make-up skills thanks to your tutorials. I've never heard of dry shampoo (I live in the middle of no where) I'm anxious to find some and try it. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Haha! Well thank you for stopping by! I get my dry shampoo at my local Kroger or Wal-mart, so if anywhere near you sells Suave you should be able to find it. I am so happy that my tutorials have helped! Please comment or email me at hmosley08@gmail.com if you have any questions or tutorial requests! :)

  3. I've been contemplating trying a dry shampoo! Now, I really need to take the plunge. Suave was the brand I was considering.

    I'm not great with hair and my hair is thin and volumeless...

  4. Oh yes take the plunge for sure! It is worth it! I don't know how I ever went this long without it.

    Thin hair can be tricky, but it is not impossible to have some volume in there! Definitely use dry shampoo even on clean hair, that'll help. Try the Redken Guts, pictured above, or something similar. It is great for adding volume since it targets the roots! You want most of your volume there. Also teasing is great, I will have that tutorial up soon! :) I hope this helps