New Ideas

Hey bloggerinos!

I have some great ideas for a new blog segment. :) I was chatting with a friend today and she gave me an idea...then it snowballed from there in my head. I have been daydreaming of it all day!

I am planning for something like a personal diary of my personal thoughts, ideas, and advice. I know this has been done, but I think I can bring something unique to the table.

The focal point will be female issues, of course. I AM WOMAN, hear me roar!
I would like to share some tips and tricks I have learned along the way along with ideas and opinions. I have a vision and I like it! BIG thanks to my friend, she asked if I could blog about makeup tips and this just started a tornado of all these ideas! I would have loved some advice like this growing up myself, so we will see how this goes. It will be nice to just be apart of the blogging world again.

I am pretty open about personal issues, and won't be afraid to delve into some topics others might not. I will try  to keep you laughing and not get too grotesque....hehe! I think the world would be a better place if we all just talked about all of our deepest issues or secrets. Bring on the embarrassing and the awkward! :)

So, just a heads up...be on the lookout for the Diary of an Atypical Princess! I am so excited!

Thanks for visiting! <3

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