Entry 4: Hygiene

Sniff, Sniff....
                 Okay ladies and gents, let's talk hygiene! Unless you are a hippie or a homeless person, you should keep up a good hygiene habit. I like cleanliness, on my own body, and my surroundings. So just like my home, I keep my body clean and fresh! I mean, shouldn't we all? I just have never understood how people can choose to not be clean. So if you feel your hygiene could be better, listen up because I have some good tips for you! Please, do listen, for the sake of your hair, and those around you...you probably stink! 

                  Let's start with the most important: cleanliness! You should shower. I mean reallllly shower, or bathe, and often. Never ever ever go longer than a couple of days without cleaning your body. Hair can be dirtier for longer, it is actually healthier to wash your hair at the most every other day. But, I mean don't go waiting a week...once it starts to get too oily or stinky, wash it!! (More about hair in the Hair Entry, coming soon!) Your body needs to be cleaned. You come into contact with so many things on a daily basis that are just dirty! You must keep up with your cleanliness or you'll start to stink and you will look just gross. Your pores will start to clog as well, causing breakouts! So shower, and especially right after you sweat. 

                Are you actually cleaning yourself while you are in the shower? I have heard many people tell me that they do not wash their feet while they're in there. I will even admit there have been a few times I forgot to, but to never....ew. The water trickling down your body is not enough to actually clean and kill off the bacteria that could be living down there. So, purchase a rag or loofa of some kind and some soap. Be sure to get your loofa nice and soapy and scrub every inch of your body! Don't forget those feet, those privates, or behind your ears. Get you a nice in-shower cleanser for your face too, that way you can clean it while you are in there. If you are washing your hair, it is a good decision to scrub that head and really get it clean, then rinse well. Rinse everything well, don't leave any soap residue on your body, anywhere! Also, ladies...and men... it is a good idea to invest in some wipes. Toilet paper can only do so much. I like to feel clean after getting off of the toilet, and wipes feel like they actually clean you. For us girls, it is hard to keep that whole area down there clean and fresh, but it is important to keep it up!! So invest in some wipes, it'll make you so much cleaner...and happier!

                While you're in that warm shower, take a minute or two to address another important aspect to hygiene: shaving! Oh what a terribly tedious job. If I had 3 wishes one of them would be to make me hairless, in certain areas..leaving my head of course! I hate shaving. But, I think leaving all that hair in places we know it shouldn't be is just gross. It just cannot be good for you, trapping in bacteria and such. It is the 21st century ladies, so let's shave like it! I will try not to get too graphic here, but I have had more questions about how to shave than anything else in my life. I really just figured it out myself along the way somehow, I guess. With shaving we want to achieve a smooth, bump free result. First things first, invest in a good razor. Toss those disposable ones immediately. In the long run I bet you spend more on those than you would if you just bought a good razor and its blades. I know, those replacement blades are so freakin expensive, right? But worth it. I use the absolute best razor on the market, well I think so. I have tried the Venus, the one with the built in shave stuff (gross), and many many more. The Schick Quattro (pictured below)  for women is amazing. It cuts close, lasts a good while, and can get in any area you need it to. We, women, have so many nooks and crannies to shave, so we need a razor that is not bulky and can get the job done! Once you've bought your razor, get some good shaving cream. My favorite is Skintimate Baby Soft, it smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Okay, now let's get rid of that hair!

To achieve a good shave follow these steps:

1. It is good to soak the skin in warm water for a few minutes, taking a bath will work fabulously. This                            loosens the hair and makes it easier to shave.
2. Apply a good layer of shaving cream to the desired area, this helps keep the skin smooth and prevents cutting the skin.
3. For the armpits- I turn my razor upside down and I shave from the bottom up towards my head. This might be the opposite of what you do. The other way does get closer, but it also causes more razor bumps, since you are going against the way the hair grows. I shave this way to prevent those nasty bumps, they hurt! So, I have to shave more often, but I do not mind that at all.
4. For the legs- I do the opposite of the pits, because I have never gotten (knock on wood) razor bumps on my legs. I have that stubborn dark coarse hair that grows only on my shins. So, I make sure to shave against the way the hair grows, from ankle on upwards. This makes my legs super smooth and lasts longer, even though my hair will start to grow back the second I get goose bumps...grrr.
5. For that private area- I get the most questions about this, mostly because no one gives us girls a tutorial on it. We kind of just have to blindly figure it out together. This one is trickier. For the top area up to your panty line, I shave downwards. Now be sure to really cream this area up...it easily cuts and gets razor bumps. I shave the top with the way the hair grows, again you are probably thinking I am crazy. I still get the same smooth feeling, just not quite as much as if you shave upwards. But, I promise you if you try it my way you will not get razor bumps or cuts! You have to do it more often again..but I'll take it. Now for the areas down below I shave upwards. You must be sure to be careful, this area takes some time to get the hang of.

                  Whew...that wasn't too bad...we made it through alright ;)... Now on a side note, I would like to discuss the unnecessary shaving I know that some women do on themselves. I hear about girls who shave places like their arms and their bellies, whyyy? I knew of some girls who would shave their arms like everyday. Gross! First of all, all that hair can stay because it is probably not as noticeable as you think, and secondly when you shave those areas the hair grows back much darker and thicker. These are tedious jobs that you do not even need to even get started on! And shaved arms just look odd...

                   Alright so now that you are clean and freshly shaven, let's finish up this topic on hygiene. I think everyone should groom their faces as well, including you men. Pluck those eyebrows, the unibrow is not flattering and once you get rid of that you will look like you just lost 10 lbs! Men, it is okay to have some hip facial hair, but groom it. That hair on the back of your neck is not supposed to be growing down your back...shave that up even if you are letting your hair grow out. And women, as we get older we do get more hair in places we didn't before..like our faces. So, once you notice it coming in, just take care of it. Find a nice waxing place near you and just get it all taken care of at once! Brush your teeth. I have never understood how people could go without brushing their teeth. I once was running just overly late and totally forgot to brush my teeth, I felt so dirty! I never ever will let it happen again, ever. You need a good toothpaste and toothbrush. I like a soft bristle- the Oral B Indicator and Crest Complete plus Scope! At least brush twice a day, morning and night, and try to floss as much as possible throughout the day. This is not only going to keep your breath smelling fresh, but your teeth healthy and cavity free as well. Wear deodorant!! You need to find one that works well for you. I recommend Ban, it has been my favorite forever now and it lasts all day long, and smells great. Clean your nails. Don't leave that gunk under there, it looks so gross. And finally, wash your hands, always!

                  Thanks for tuning in to my diary once again, I hope you got something out of this post that you didn't have before! I enjoy these so much and I hope my followers do too. Below is a list of my favorite hygiene products so you can try them out for yourself if you are interested, I always try out a lot before I settle on a favorite. Check back soon for another juicy topic, until then...Tootles! <3
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