Entry 2: Makeup Part 1

                   In a perfect world we would be happy in our own skin, and makeup wouldn't exist. But, some of us just don't have perfect skin. And, some of us look like zombies without makeup...myself included. There are those select few that can go without makeup and look absolutely gorgeous, we hate them of course, but they are out there. I like to think of them as witches, or girls who used one of their three wishes on perfect skin...because it has to be the work of black magic. For the rest of us, luckily, there are plenty of cosmetic companies dishing out makeup products to help us achieve nearly perfect skin. I don't let anyone see me makeup free, except my man...on very rare occasions. If you see me and it looks like I have no makeup on, I very sneakily gave myself a "no makeup look" with actual makeup. How sad is that? I know, right. But, I don't mind the makeup..I enjoy playing around with it and I enjoy feeling confident! Isn't that what we are all trying to achieve, self esteem and confidence in our own skin? I say go for it, whatever makes you love you. If you love yourself, you can then open your heart to others.

                 However makeup can go very very wrong. Most women have no idea how to wear makeup. I love makeup and I think everyone could benefit from a little bit of it...but that does not mean you have to go all Mimi with it...

Scary, huh? Don't do this to yourself, or the rest of us that have to look at you. Makeup should enhance your features and look somewhat natural. There are exceptions when you don't have to look just "natural." You can wear heavier makeup out at night or for special occasions, but never ever look like that ^. Now, I am not completely cutting you off from the blue eye shadow or red lipstick, but if you are going to wear those, you need to learn how to, sweetie. So, tip #1: blue eye shadow can be worn, in moderation. A smudge around the corners of your eyes can really make those brown eyes POP! A light addition to your lids can be done, but I wouldn't do it with red lips. Tip #2: If you go heavy on the lids, go light on the lips. It is key to not overdo your face. If you want to do a smokey eye, do a nude lip. If you want to do red, bold lips, do a more subtle eye. This will keep your face from looking like a clown. 

                  Everyone is always so scared of the smokey eye. It is actually really simple. Tip #3: you can create a smokey eye with colors other than black. Green, grey, purple, and even blue makes for a great smokey eye. They need to be darker shades of course, but if you compliment them with your eye color you will be golden! Blue eyes look great with pinks and browns, or purples. Brown eyes look great with pretty much anything, but blue and green really makes them pop! While green eyes look great with pretty much anything, I like them better with neutral colors. Tip #4: The key to any great eye makeup is the highlighter. The highlighter is a light, usually beigey shade or light pink, that shimmers. You swipe it on your brow bone and in the corners of your eyes, which really makes them brighten up! I have written up a tutorial for the smokey eye below, I hope it makes sense, if not feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box below! 

Steps to a perfect Smokey Eye
-Choose your color scheme, my favorite is grey or mauve/purple
-You need eye shadows in a dark shade, a medium shade, a lighter shade, and then a highlighter  
-You need an eyeliner, liquid or pencil, in a complimenting color, or just black
-You also need a concealer in a shade lighter than your face makeup
-Your tools: an eye shadow sponge and a small eye shadow brush

Step 1: Apply your concealer from your brow bone to your lid, in the corners of your eyes, and underneath your eyes. 

(Tip #5: I use this concealer under the eye trick every single day, it gets rid of those dark circles and brightens up your eyes...you look awake and fresh!)

Step 2: Apply liner to the top of your lid by following along your lash line. This is where everyone does their's a little different, I like mine to be rather close to my lash line and not very thick. I like it to look natural and not higher than my lashes, but your choice. I also swipe it underneath my top lashes and on top of my bottom lashes, from the middle to the outer corners--not too heavy here. 

Step 3: Apply the darkest shade along the crease of your lid. Use your sponge to go up and outward. Try to follow your own eye shape, like the way you did your eyeliner. If it looks too defined and harsh, smudge it a little with your fingers so the edges are soft and blended.

Step 4: Add the medium shade to your lid while blending it along the way.

Step 5: Add the lighter shade to the inner part of your eye. Just before your inner corner and to the middle of your eye. This adds a little brightness and contrast.

Step 6: Apply the highlighter to your inner corners and brow bone.

Step 7: Add mascara to both top and bottom lashes and smudge up any areas that seem too dark. The look should be blended and smokey! Voila! 

                So what about everyday makeup? Because, I only do the smokey eye on special occasions. I don't like all that mess on my eyes everyday. It is such a pain to clean off and a lot of work to put on. You don't want to look like your trying that hard everyday. I feel so bad for those girls I see at school that look like they have on a full mask of makeup. Actually, no I don't. They really should know that doesn't look right with their slicked back pony tail and running shorts. (We will talk on hair and fashion later...these will definitely be on our do not do list). 

               Well, first things first...skin care. If you want to have great looking skin, with or without makeup, you must take care of your skin. Tip# 6: Always take off your makeup, no matter what. I know sometimes we're tired after being out all night and lazy after work, but no excuses...take that mess off! You can buy any old makeup remover in a liquid or wipes, or use my cheap homemade makeup remover, found here! Another cheap trick I have always used is to rub Vaseline on your eyes. This allows you to easily swipe away that eye makeup with a wet rag. You will not get that eye makeup off easily with just soap and water, it usually causes a bigger mess leaving you looking like a raccoon, you must use some form of makeup remover.

               So once your eye makeup is off, wash your face. I use Clearasil Ultra daily face wash, and it is my favorite! It cleans your face, clears out those pores, and gives you 12 hours of blemish clearing action. You must wash your face day and night. When your pores get clogged, from sweat, makeup, your dirty pillow case, your dirty hands, etc., it then leads to those pesky blemishes.  Tip #7: Change your pillow cases weekly. If your pillow is dirty you are just adding dirt back into your pores, and tip #8: don't touch your face. This puts dirt in your pores as well and you will more than likely try picking your face, which will just cause scarring. Also tip #9: anytime you sweat, wash yourself! If you sweat, you must immediately wash any area that can break out, better yet just get in the shower. If you don't you'll leave those pores to get really clogged and end up with breakouts all over your face, especially around your hairline...and sometimes even on your chest or back. Yea, those are not pretty, so clean yourself if you sweat!

               Pimples are such a pain in the rear. I get mine thanks to that wonderful monthly gift from aunt flow. Once a month I get them randomly on my face. This is due to my hormones causing my face, and hair, to produce more oil, clogging my pores. They are a pain to deal with and a pain to cover up. When you get those break outs the best thing to do is just keep up with your face washing. You can also purchase a spot treatment to clear up those blemishes. You can find them at any drug store in the face cleansing section. My favorite is the Clean and Clear spot treatment tube or the Zit Zapper by ELF, found here or at your local Target stores. Btw, ELF is a great place to get cheap makeup tools, nail polishes, and eye shadows. I wouldn't purchase foundation or anything though because it is not very high quality. 

             After face washing, it is also good to then use a toner of some kind, also found at drugstores. This even more deeply cleans out those pores and leaves you feeling fresh. Lastly, moisturize. It is key. Face cleansers have Salicylic Acid in them which causes your face to dry out, so you must replace that moisture. But, be sure you have an oil free moisturizer so that you don't just reclog your pores. 

             I have used lots of different face cleaning products and really you will find what is right for you mostly like I did, through trial and error. I got Proactive, hated it. I have used Murad, didn't work. And, every single Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, etc. products at the drug stores. My favorite products are: Clearasil Ultra, which I already told you about. St. Ives' Apricot scrub, which is good for those pesky black heads and gives you a nice deep clean...I use it once a week. Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Toner, use it everyday. Anything from Clinique, but my favorite is the Dramatically Different Lotion, I use it every single day as well. And lastly, my favorite spot treatment is the Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment, which I use when I get those annoying pimples. Images below of my favorite products:


This concludes Part 1 of my Makeup tips. I hope you have learned something! Check back soon for more Makeup tips and tricks, including a picture tutorial of my daily natural makeup routine! :) Have a wonderful day!

*All pictures were taken from google.com*

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