Entry 1: Introduction

Welcome to my humble abode, my special little online diary. I'm Heather, the atypical princess, the author of this blog, and your new pal! Grab your gloves and aprons, this is going to get messy! In this diary we will conquer the unspeakable, discuss the awkward, and preach the cold hard truth. The door is wide open and everything will be discussed. 

A little about me...I am in a happy 6 year long relationship. I attend college full-time and am a nanny part-time. Nope, I still do not have any idea what I want to do with my life. I know I want to be happy, simple. It's scary, frustrating, and exciting all wrapped into one! Ideally I would like to win the lottery, live on the beach, and spend my days baking and swimming with my honey. There's still time...

I am pretty open about my life and all issues. I will gladly debate with you about anything! I love a good debate.  I said "good" debate, not those of you who think they know what they are talking about. I can't stand someone being that openly ignorant. I will make you look stupid. Hey, I am just saying what we're all thinking! Obama is in no way related to Osama...okay? :)

 Now, this will not be just a political diary. I won't bore you with that nonsense. I do have strong opinions and will rant from time to time, but we can all use a little venting time now and then. I want to center this around women's issues, because boy do we have a lot! Some of the best conversations I have with my friends pretty much just include our daily issues and how unbelievably annoying they are. So, I thought I could use this to maybe help some of you struggling with the same things, it is a lot of hard work to be a female! Each entry will be inspired by something in my own life....those dreaded periods, bad hair days, and the fact that men just don't understand! Think of this as your diary too, one for all of us to rant, rave, and advise! I welcome your comments and will greatly appreciate them. 

I want to say up front that I am in no way a professional of anything! I don't own any degrees, yet. I am not very old, yet. And, I know my opinions are not the truth...sometimes. Everything talked about here will be from my own experience and my own opinions. Some may disagree, but most of you will be able to relate. I will try my best to not fill the pages with complete BS and make you smile. I have only what I have learned in my 22 years of life. But, I think of myself as one to solve problems easily with a optimism and humor, and I am pretty resourceful...so I have tackled most of my life issues myself!

I am so excited to get this diary started. Here we will discuss those horrible monthly gifts from aunt flow, tricks to a good hair day, how to not look trashy, embarrassing subjects, and so much more! So welcome, welcome to my blog and the Diary of an Atypical Princess! 

Our first topic will be Makeup....how to apply, how some girls look like strippers going to Publix, skin care, and my favorite products. Be on the lookout for this entry, it'll be up very very soon! 


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